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Elevating Your Supply Chain: FIDELITONE’s Latest Facility Openings in Raleigh, Virginia Beach, and Reno

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In an era where supply chain excellence is paramount, FIDELITONE is thrilled to announce the launch of three advanced facilities strategically positioned in Raleigh, North Carolina, Virginia Beach, Virginia, and Reno, Nevada. The new facilities, equipped with advanced technology and cutting-edge infrastructure, provide efficient, scalable, and tailored solutions for diverse industries.

These locations are poised to revolutionize the way businesses approach their supply chain management by addressing industry demands, expanding capacities, and enhancing client proximity.

Below are the unique benefits and capabilities that each facility offers.

Reno: Revolutionizing West Coast Fulfillment

The Reno facility, marks a significant upgrade, offering 10x more space and four times more doors than its predecessor. Situated at 1910 S McCarren Blvd, Suite 100, Reno, NV 89502, this new FDA-certified build serves as a gateway to the western region of the United States with over 100,000 sqft of advanced warehousing capabilities. Under the leadership of Bob Hilberg, General Manager, the Reno facility is set to efficiently handle the unique logistics demands of businesses operating in the West with impeccable precision. The explosive growth of e-commerce demands quicker turnaround times for pick, pack, and ship operations, and Reno is primed to deliver, offering 1-2 day transit times to 11 western states and over 60 million consumers.

Reno also extends its capabilities to support retail and wholesale clients in optimizing outbound freight costs. The facility’s unique positioning caters to clients in need of a bi-coastal solution. For businesses utilizing multiple FIDELITONE facilities, reaching 98% of the population with 1-2 day ground service is now a reality.

In addition, Reno’s strategic location offers remarkable advantages, including an extensive transportation network encompassing Interstate 80, U.S. Highway 395, Reno/Tahoe International Airport, Union Pacific and Southern Pacific railroads, and close proximity to Long Beach, Los Angeles, and Oakland ports. The business-friendly environment of Nevada, coupled with its favorable tax structure, access to renewable energy, and mild climate makes it an ideal choice for cost-effective operations. Furthermore, the Reno location reflects a dedication to sustainability as a LEED-certified facility. The centralized location near multiple ports, a robust transportation network, and Nevada’s business-friendly environment make Reno the ideal launchpad for your West Coast operations.

Raleigh: Amplifying Capacity and Expertise

The newly built Raleigh facility, located at 933 Ellis Rd. Durham, NC 27703, boasts 128,000 sqft of warehouse space, designed to support streamlined delivery of big and bulky products. With its proximity to major transportation hubs, this location enables seamless distribution and faster last-mile delivery for clients in the Southeast region.

FIDELITONE’s Raleigh operation addresses the need for expanded capacity in space and deliveries to support the growth in our client’s delivery volume. Investing in a new, larger facility offers our clients a scalable solution. Raleigh’s location also reflects our commitment to nurturing internal talent while enhancing client satisfaction. The addition of Andrea Prunty, a seasoned professional, to manage the facility creates an avenue for personal growth. This move also positions Aaron Sims, Regional Operations Manager, to oversee operations for prominent clients. With its 300% capacity increase, Raleigh sets the stage for seamless operations, expertly managed by a team of professionals with a passion for excellence.

Virginia Beach: Optimizing Efficiency and Proximity

The Virginia Beach facility at 713 Fenway Ave., Suite E, Chesapeake, VA 23323 marks FIDELITONE’s strategic move to expand its footprint in the Mid-Atlantic region. Nestled in the heart of a thriving business community, this location provides access to key shipping routes, enabling FIDELITONE to efficiently connect businesses with their customers, enhancing speed to market and minimizing transit times.

Whether you’re looking to streamline your e-commerce operations or optimize your distribution network, FIDELITONE’s Virginia Beach facility has the tools and expertise to make it happen.

Under the capable leadership of Michael Houston as Operations Manager, the Virginia Beach facility serves as a solution to dual challenges. Reducing overnight deliveries from our Richmond location enhances proximity to clients’ end consumers. Minimizing 2-day routes is also more cost-effective for our clients. Moreover, it creates additional space in the Richmond facility, optimizing operations for efficiency.

This strategic move translates to shorter truck routes and improved service optimization, catering to client’s needs with unparalleled precision. With a recently established site in Virginia Beach closer to end consumers, routes are optimized to minimize miles per route. The result is a higher delivery frequency within the Virginia Beach market, along with expanded local routes that will drive efficiency and reduce costs.

New Footprints to Come

Following FIDELITONE’s recent expansions, Surprises are on the horizon. Surprise, Arizona will be opening soon! For more details, join our news subscription for the latest updates, or contact our experts.

As the logistics landscape evolves, FIDELITONE remains dedicated to providing adaptable, efficient, and client-centric solutions that support growth and greater coverage. These strategically located facilities promise more than just efficient logistics; they offer a partnership that propels your business forward. With a legacy of excellence in 3PL solutions, FIDELITONE is committed to transforming your supply chain challenges into success stories. Contact us today to explore how these new facilities can revolutionize your approach to logistics. Your supply chain’s future starts here, with FIDELITONE.


A top 3PL, FIDELITONE is a nationwide leader in order fulfillment services, last mile delivery, inbound logistics, and service parts management. For more than 90 years, FIDELITONE has led the industry in customer-centric supply chain solutions, earning customer loyalty for its clients with high-touch service. For more information, visit www.fidelitone.com, and follow the company on LinkedIn.

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