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Trust a top 3PL with the experience and expertise to handle your products and advance your business operations.


The pet supplies and wellness industry is experiencing remarkable growth. Pet owners are investing in high-quality products to ensure their furry friends are healthy, comfortable, and happy. From food and supplements to toys and grooming supplies, we offer order fulfillment services that are a real treat for your pet products business. Your customers’ pets are important members of their families. That’s why we develop specialized supply chain solutions tailored to the unique needs of the pet care products industry.


Our order fulfillment services are tailored to meet the unique needs of the pet accessories industry, so you can be sure your customers receive the products they depend on, whether it’s high-end pet food and treats, skin and coat care, shampoos, grooming products, CBD products, supplements, vitamins, other nutritional products, or toys.

FIDELITONE’s capabilities support the requirements of the pet products industry by offering:

Our inventory management strategies include:

  • First In First Out (FIFO)
  • First Expire First Out (FEFO)
  • Last In First Out (LIFO)

These proficiencies guarantee thorough quality control and precision in fulfilling orders. We can assist you in minimizing the expenses incurred from expired stock while empowering you with a competitive edge to optimize your earnings. Our strategically located network of order fulfillment centers enables us to provide ground shipping services to most regions of the United States within a time frame of 1- 2 days. Discover our locations across the U.S. to see how FIDELITONE can cater to your pet care fulfillment requirements.


FIDELITONE is an order fulfillment company with deep expertise in fulfilling B2BD2Comnichannel and ecommerce orders for pet care products through order fulfillment services including kitting for a superior unboxing experience. From dietary supplements, vitamins, and grooming products, quick, accurate, on-time delivery of exactly what the customer ordered is a great source of satisfaction for every pet owner.

Meeting expectations not only cultivates customer loyalty but also stimulates a steady flow of repeat business. By prioritizing the touchpoints in the supply chain that foster loyalty, FIDELITONE fulfills customer expectations and bolsters your customer connections for consistent and recurrent earnings. Check out our case study to witness how FIDELITONE surpasses customer contentment standards in the pet care sector.

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FIDELITONE offers a national supply chain network of locations to support clients in inbound logistics, order fulfillment, last mile delivery and service parts management.