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Sales of health and wellness products are booming as consumers increasingly take their health into their own hands. Many sales are driven by ecommerce. Leading categories include nutrition and herbal supplements, dietary supplements, weight management products, personal care, tools for mindfulness, and beauty items.


Our order fulfillment solutions are tailored to meet the unique needs of the health and wellness industry, so you can be sure your customers receive the products they depend on. Whether it’s weight management products, herbal supplements, vitamins, or other nutritional products.

FIDELITONE’s capabilities support the requirements of the health and wellness industry by offering:

Our inventory management strategies include:

  • First In First Out (FIFO)
  • First Expire First Out (FEFO)
  • Last In First Out (LIFO)

These capabilities ensure meticulous quality management and order accuracy. We’ll help you reduce costly waste from expiring inventory and gain the competitive advantage you need to maximize your profits. Our strategically placed network of warehouses allows us to serve the majority of the United States with 1-2 day service by ground. Explore our U.S locations to see how FIDELITONE can meet your supplement fulfillment needs.


FIDELITONE is an order fulfillment company with deep expertise in fulfilling omni-channel and ecommerce orders for health and wellness products through order fulfillment services including kitting for a superior unboxing experience. When a customer makes a purchase to improve health and wellness, expectations are high. From dietary supplements, vitamins, and weight management products, quick, accurate, on-time delivery of exactly what the customer ordered is a great source of satisfaction for every customer of health and wellness products.

In fact, delivering on expectations also earns customer loyalty for you and encourages a stream of repeat business for your health and wellness company. With a focus on the supply chain touchpoints that earn loyalty, FIDELITONE delivers on customer expectations and reinforces your customer relationships for repeat and recurring revenues. See our case study to see how FIDELITONE goes the extra mile for customer satisfaction.

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FIDELITONE offers a national supply chain network of locations to support clients in inbound logistics, order fulfillment, last mile delivery and service parts management.