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Earning Customer Loyalty

FIDELITONE offers specialized solutions in supply chain management with expertise around consumer products. We manage resources, create right-fit solutions and optimize supply chain processes to advance your business performance and profitability. At every step and in every service, our employees focus on the touchpoints that safeguard your brand and keep your customers coming back.

Last (Final) Mile Delivery

White glove, room of choice or threshold delivery services.

Order Fulfillment Services

Comprehensive omnichannel capabilities across purchase and fulfillment channels.

Service Parts Management

From procurement, to stocking, to distribution, forecasting and vendor management

Inbound Materials Management

Vendor management, materials acquisition, last mile warehousing, staging and more. 

Transportation Management Services

From LTL to parcel management, to sure and smart post to ocean freight management.

Working at FIDELITONE is more than just a job!

When you join the FIDELITONE team, you join in a promise: We deliver customer experiences that create loyalty. You join in a vision: Every customer has the products or parts they need - where, when, and how they need them. You join in our values: We focus on our customers. We hold ourselves accountable for what we do. We collaborate to get the job done. We are curious and ask the right questions to improve every day.

This means people who choose FIDELITONE have character, strength, and determination. We work harder. We work smarter. We live up to expectations-and we're proud of it.

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Case Studies


While expanding retail channels and growing an ecommerce business, retailer makes all the right moves for efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Now in its second decade, this maturing specialty gift company enjoys a sales mix of 60% through retailers and 40%  through ecommerce. The brand’s concepts hit a sweet spot with consumers ready to amuse themselves with the latest political gaffe. This means on-target, on-time fulfillment commands the marketplace. When consumer mood strikes, the company must deliver—both to retailers and to ecommerce shoppers.

Place and View SKU

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Fulfillment hub

What is your customers' experience in order fulfillment? We love to share our knowledge and expertise in delivering exceptional customer experiences. 

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FIDELITONE exceeds the evolving location needs of the supply chain industry by continuously evaluating existing services, potential services, current locations and the needs of clients in the industry.  

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