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Steps to Seamless Holiday Shipping

 Steps to Seamless Holiday Shipping

With the recent growth in the economy, this year’s holiday season is even busier. Online holiday sales were expected to grow by 18 to 21% over last year. This means it’s especially important to optimize every step in your supply chain to ensure a seamless shipping experience for customers. The holidays can be a stressful time for businesses and consumers alike. And the effects of a negative experience can be amplified when customer expectations are high and gifts aren’t delivered on time.

What’s your shipping strategy this holiday season? FIDELITONE offers specialized solutions in supply chain management that safeguard your brand and create customer loyalty. We work with you to design solutions, whatever your needs may be.

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1. Problem Solving

Our team will evaluate your current shipping strategy and assess where there could be opportunities for improvement. We are experts in omni-channel fulfillment and distribution solutions.

2. Strategic Solutions

Next, we’ll tactically design your individualized solution. After we develop a deep understanding of your business and needs, we will develop a solution that works for YOU. We get the right products to your customers at the right time.

3. Communication

We communicate with you at every step along the way. During busy months, it’s vital to have a logistics partner with transparent communication. Through the FIDELITONE strategic account team that supports your operation and FIDELITONE’s Partner Portal, you have the data, information, and resources you need to effectively run your business.

4. Optimize Your Supply Chain

Through creativity and expertise, our team will find ways to optimize your supply chain. We design specialized solutions, and then continually look for ways to improve.

5. Earn Customer Loyalty

Our proven process, the Path to Loyalty™, keeps us focused on increasing your business performance and profitability, while delivering high levels of satisfaction. Through each step along the path (understand, design, implement, perform, review), we utilize data to uncover opportunities to influence program outcomes. With efficient and effective customized plans, your customers are happy and you’re happy.

While holiday shipping may be one of your busiest times of the year, your shipping strategy should also make sense for your business year round. Evaluating your entire operation, all twelve months of the year, accounting for each unique aspect to your business is how you develop an effective strategy.

Now is a great time to start planning for the future and revisiting your omni-channel shipping strategy.

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