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The value of a strong last mile delivery partner

Last mile home delivery plays an integral role in earning customer loyalty. For retailers the challenge of balancing driver team contracting, daily operations, and ROI can be overwhelming. When do the costs of maintaining in-house last mile delivery become too high? And what does your business have to gain from a strong last mile delivery 3PL partner?

Many businesses look to 3PL last mile delivery partners to reduce staffing and technology costs or make up for the lack of scalability of their in-house processes.

7 benefits of 3PL last mile delivery

FIDELITONE’s proven processes and technology as a last mile delivery partner help retailers reduce the cost of last mile delivery and reach new markets while earning customer loyalty.

Access to new markets

For emerging and growing businesses, accessing new markets through last mile delivery is critical to future growth. Turning to 3PL last mile delivery providers reduces the risk and investment costs associated with expanding into a new region.

FIDELITONE’s nationwide network of last mile delivery warehouses can help you quickly get up-and-running in hot markets.

Consistent customer service

Consistently high-quality service from driver teams is a top priority for retailers and FIDELITONE’s customer-centric approach helps safeguard your brand. From curbside to white-glove delivery, FIDELITONE crafts service level agreements to meet the needs of your product and customer base.

Industry-leading technology

It’s hard to keep up with the latest last mile delivery technology. The cost of purchasing or developing last mile delivery technology is considerable. But last mile delivery costs aren’t just about having access to technology, your team also needs the expertise to use it.

FIDELITONE’s expert routing and scheduling teams put the latest in last mile delivery technology to use for clients. By reducing last mile delivery costs with technology, FIDELITONE’s scalable technology solutions help grow your business.

Real-time data and insights

In addition to optimizing processes for cost-efficiency, the latest 3PL technologies help improve the customer experience through user scheduling, delivery notifications, real-time tracking, and more. FIDELITONE’s real-time reporting tools increase customer satisfaction and put actionable data into your hands immediately.

Improved performance and customer satisfaction

Expertise, technology, and customer-centric processes come together to deliver customer satisfaction. As a 3PL last mile delivery partner, FIDELITONE is fully committed to developing right-fight solutions for your business—putting your customers on the path to loyalty.

FIDELITONE supplies clients with customer satisfaction metrics, including metrics on on-time deliveries, complete deliveries, damage free deliveries, and customer survey scores.

Reduced and controlled operating costs

Reducing cost fluctuations and overall costs of last mile delivery is a key benefit to weigh when considering a 3PL last mile delivery partnership. In addition to cutting the expenses of owning technology and operating last mile delivery teams, a strong 3PL last mile delivery partner reduces ongoing costs. FIDELITONE offers fixed-cost deliveries, avoiding costly surcharges and other variable costs.

Continuous improvement

With data-driven business reporting, FIDELITONE leverages dedicated technology and teams of experts identify new opportunities and increase efficiency. Through regular business reviews, FIDELITONE helps clients find more potential and earn customer loyalty.

FIDELITONE: Always-improving last mile delivery services

FIDELITONE brings last mile delivery solutions to scale for the benefit of the retailer and customer. Leveraging decades of supply chain experience, FIDELITONE removes logistics obstacles facing retailers by facilitating last mile delivery solutions based on the latest technology.

Ismael Valentin, Regional Director at FIDELITONE, is an expert in achieving cost-efficiencies in last mile delivery. He says that FIDELITONE’s customer-centric vision focuses the company on  operational excellence.

“It goes back to always improving,” says Ismael, “We’re always improving our tech and processes to increase customer satisfaction. In the end, customer satisfaction is what drives results for the client.”

FIDELITONE’s robust processes for managing service levels, operations, and ROI help clients put the best foot forward during the delivery experience, earning customer loyalty—increasing ROI and customer satisfaction.

Seeking a tech-forward 3PL last mile delivery solution? Contact us online or call 800.475.0917 to ask about our last mile delivery services.

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