Customer Expectations for Home Delivery and How to Exceed Them

 Customer Expectations for Home Delivery and How to Exceed Them

With omni-channel delivery making headlines and leading trends, it’s easy to think that home delivery standards have improved. If you listen in to customer conversations you’ll actually find that their expectations remain low due to poor experiences time and time again. In fact, there’s a tremendous opportunity for your brand to stand out from competitors simply by doing home delivery well enough to exceed customer expectations.

There are 4 main areas to focus on when improving home delivery that directly impacts customer loyalty, especially for large and bulky goods.


Surveys have shown that 59% of retailers consider consumers’ expectations for narrower delivery windows the most impactful delivery challenge. Many companies are realizing that omni-channel and quicker delivery options are surefire ways to grow sales and retention. When possible, accurately decreasing delivery windows down to 3 hours gives consumers more flexibility, less stress and better planning of their days.


There are few things more frustrating than when merchandise doesn’t show up in the timeframe that was promised. It’s even more disappointing to those of us in the supply chain industry because we know it can be done. Being on time doesn’t sound like going the extra mile, but it truly is because so many companies struggle with it. Delivering on promises to the customer will keep them coming back time and time again.


Your delivery and installation professionals are an extension of your brand. Whether they’re directly employed or work through a vendor, it’s important that they promote the same customer service values in a seamless experience. That means they need to do more than show up and handoff or install an item accurately.

Quality home delivery teams are courteous, efficient and detailed with white glove delivery that offers set-up in their room of choice and even debris removal.


After delivery, your transaction may have ended but their experience hasn’t. Customer loyalty is gained through an overall remarkable experience, so you must continue communication. One of the easiest and most meaningful ways to show that you care is through a customer survey. A quick call or follow-up email to a customer after their completed delivery shows attention to detail, genuine appreciation and excellent service.

Improving your home delivery leaves a lasting impression with customers because they’ll know they mean more to you than a single sale. Keep them coming back with earned loyalty by exceeding their delivery expectations.

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