How to Measure Your Fulfillment Provider's Performance

 How to Measure Your Fulfillment Provider's Performance
Things move fast in today’s world. When it comes to getting orders out and to your customers — no matter how they’re buying from you — are you delivering the right experience, every time?
We’ve put together a “cheat sheet” to help you gauge your 3PL partner’s performance or, if you’re considering a 3PL, help you pinpoint what to look for.

How well do they meet SLAs (e.g., on-time delivery, picking/order accuracy and inventory accuracy)? 

Are they meeting them at a best in class level? Are they getting orders to customers in one to two days?

How competitive are the shipping rates they negotiate for you? Do you get significant discounts through their economies of scale?

Are they continually looking for ways to think innovatively, to reduce costs, improve speed and ensure accuracy? Is there a team — or teams — in place focused on your program?

Do they conduct network optimization studies?

Are they finding ways to reduce transit times so you can reduce working capital?

What about shipping zones and prices?

Do they provide a level of visibility to your data so you can make decisions, quickly?

Are they collecting the right data and making it accessible to you, such as: 

  • Outbound orders 
  • Order status details 
  • Inbound purchase orders 
  • Purchase order details 

Are they omnichannel capable?

In many cases, the shipment of your package is the last interaction with your customer has with your brand. Use these helpful questions to ensure that your fulfillment provide is creating the right customer experience for your company.

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