Where Should You Locate Your Order Fulfillment Center?

 Where Should You Locate Your Order Fulfillment Center?

For ecommerce, omnichannel, B2B or direct-to-consumer sales, order fulfillment is about location, location, location. You need to minimize transit time and curtail shipping costs. You need to rise to customers’ service level expectations. As you look for your first order fulfillment center, you may be wondering: Is there one central location that does it all?

Warehousing Shortage reports that a nationwide lack of available warehouse space is one of the major current challenges in the supply chain. The growth of ecommerce continues to dramatically decrease the amount of available warehouse space. According to Globest, “In the busiest markets in the US, industrial warehouse vacancies are hovering around 1%.” With such high demand and low supply, you need a strategically placed warehouse location that delivers the most bang for your buck.

Chicago: Your Midwest Order Fulfillment Solution

FIDELITONE’s distribution center in Wauconda, IL along with its fulfillment-friendly infrastructure, is adapted to the modern demands of ecommerce and offers the best-fit solution for ensuring smooth and efficient order fulfillment processes.

Our Chicago order fulfillment location offers support for a wide variety of industries including:

Fulfillment Center Capabilities

Our proven processes and a values-driven workforce all contribute to customer loyalty at FIDELITONE. Take a look behind the scenes in order fulfillment.

FIDELITONE: 3PL in Chicago

FIDELITONE is a nationwide expert in 3PL for ecommerce, B2B, D2C, and omnichannel fulfillment. Our Chicago, IL warehouse is one in a nationwide network of order fulfillment centers, which offers businesses cost-effective ways to build customer loyalty with on-time order fulfillment services.

Learn more about what FIDELITONE’s order fulfillment services in Chicago and strategic locations around the country. Are you looking for additional fulfillment locations? We’d love to hear from you about your unique business requirements. Contact us today!

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