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Competitive Shipping Upgrades Order Fulfillment Operations

 Competitive Shipping Upgrades Order Fulfillment Operations

The new norm in eCommerce is 1-2 day order fulfillment, but this health and wellness retailer struggled to deliver effectively from a single warehouse. Attempts to compete in the fast-ship world led to expensive 2-day air charges that were costly and unsustainable.

With an annual volume of 90,000+ orders and 790,000+ units shipping to customers nationwide, freight expenses skyrocketed. How could this retailer meet customer expectations for fast turnaround and command the marketplace?

Outcomes: 1-2 day order fulfillment, 33% reduction in freight expense, reduction in overall distribution costs

After a supply chain network and freight analysis to evaluate optimal fulfillment locations and predict potential freight savings, FIDELITONE leveraged its fulfillment network to provide competitive, 1-2 day order fulfillment to customers across the U.S. and maximize savings. Outsourcing order fulfillment, warehousing, and transportation management to FIDELITONE delivered maximum savings and customer satisfaction. 

Discover the results-driven solution for optimizing your order fulfillment operations. 

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