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Reduce Last Mile Delivery Costs with Scheduling and Routing Expertise

 Reduce Last Mile Delivery Costs with Scheduling and Routing Expertise

Efficient delivery scheduling and routing helps your business reduce last mile delivery costs and earn customer loyalty. Here’s why you should rely on the delivery scheduling and routing expertise of your last mile delivery partner for home and B2B deliveries

Why your last mile delivery provider should schedule deliveries

Inefficient delivery scheduling and routing leaves truck space empty, inflates labor costs, and increases the likelihood of information being lost or misunderstood. Because last mile accounts for as much as 28% of your product’s transportation costs, you don’t want to pay unnecessarily high last mile delivery rates. And you especially don’t want to leave your customers waiting. 

Last mile delivery providers are experts in improving route efficiency. They have the logistics experience and personnel needed to keep last mile delivery scheduling and routing working in tandem. Not only do the savings created by route efficiency go back to your business, your customers will also benefit from an improved customer experience.

Improving last mile delivery route efficiency

Last mile delivery providers specialize in creating efficient routes day-by-day, minute-by-minute. Skilled scheduling and routing personnel continuously communicate to fill truck capacity, reducing mileage and cost-per-stop. 

Your last mile delivery partner can add value to your business by reducing barriers to easy communication between scheduling personnel and routing specialists. Fewer voicemails and emails across time zones mean cheaper last mile delivery rates for you. This real-time communication is vital when minutes can be the difference between an efficient route and an inefficient route. 

Because of the real-time communication between delivery schedulers and routing specialists, last mile delivery providers can schedule delivery times with customers and work directly with the routing team to fill unused truck capacity. This delivery scheduling strategy, known as targeted scheduling, has a direct impact on reducing your last mile delivery costs. 

If your business is sending out multiple routes a day with unused capacity, working with your last mile delivery partner to optimize delivery routing can save a lot of money.

How efficient last mile scheduling reduces last mile delivery costs

Potential savings for last mile delivery scheduling

Working with your last mile delivery partner to improve delivery scheduling and routing will not only increase your future profitability, but also help reduce costs up front.

Relying on the specialized knowledge of last mile delivery providers means your business won’t need to invest in technology to perform scheduling. These costs really add up over time and include the initial purchase cost, ongoing usage costs, and maintenance and upgrade costs.

And technology isn’t the only piece of the puzzle either. Your business will save a considerable amount on the labor needed for scheduling, and you’ll get expert scheduling and routing assistance to boot. For reduced labor costs and higher profitability, relying on your last mile delivery partner for specialized scheduling and routing knowledge is an easy win.

Improving CX with scheduling and delivery 

Help from last mile delivery specialists doesn’t just benefit your business. Relying on a last mile delivery partner for both scheduling and routing benefits your customers by providing clear and consistent communication across all touchpoints. 

Because of clear communications between scheduling and routing specialists, the information received by customers is less likely to be incorrect or provide duplicate information. Handling routing and delivery scheduling through a last mile delivery partner also ensures that your messaging and branding remains consistent throughout. Providing branding guidelines and customer communication scripts to your last mile delivery partner also helps reinforce the value of your brand to satisfied customers.

The ease and simplicity of working with a partner to handle delivery scheduling and cost-efficient routing will make for satisfied customers. And cost-effective last mile delivery solutions can help your business turn satisfied customers into loyal customers.

Optimize your last mile delivery routes

Earn customer loyalty and reduce delivery costs with help from a last mile delivery partner who can optimize delivery scheduling and routing. Contact us online or call 800.475.0917.

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