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B2B Delivery

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Businesses rely on accurate, timely, and well-coordinated deliveries. Oftentimes large, bulky, expensive equipment or products need to arrive within a specific timeframe, in perfect condition, and even assembled and installed. Business performance and customer care depend on it.

Whether you require white glove, room of choice or threshold delivery to meet your customers' expectations, you can trust our depth of experience, professionalism, service focus and flexibility to get the job done. Our capabilities include:

  • Deluxing
  • 2 hour delivery windows
  • Real-time visibility and tracking
  • Assembly and installation
  • Warehousing and inventory management
  • Pick-ups, exchanges and returns
  • Customer surveys
  • Reporting

In addition to B2B delivery, we also specialize in home delivery. See our nationwide locations for last mile delivery, and learn more about furniture, mattresses, office equipment, fitness equipment and other supply chain solutions by industry.

B2B Delivery Solutions

As a multi-level last mile carrier service provider, FIDELITONE creates right-fit solutions for your unique B2B delivery needs, including a multi-client solution and a dedicated solution.

Multi-client Solutions

With a multi-client solution, your last mile delivery operation is one of multiple within a FIDELITONE last mile delivery location. A multi-client solution can help improve service, gain efficiencies, and provide scalability all while providing unwavering attention to your business.

  • Shared capacity
  • Shared warehouse staff
  • Shared delivery teams
  • Technology
  • Real-time visibility and tracking

Dedicated Solutions

With a dedicated solution, labor and equipment are dedicated to your business. We provide the delivery teams, delivery trucks, warehouse and office staff and can operate from your warehouse. A dedicated solution can help improve service, ensure capacity, protect your brand and earn customer loyalty.

  • Dedicated delivery teams
  • Dedicated delivery trucks
  • On-site warehouse and office staff
  • Branded uniforms and trucks
  • Technology
  • Real-time visibility and tracking

Our last mile delivery services can be provided through multi-client and dedicated solutions

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