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Healthy Omni-channel Growth For A Wellness Client

A company delivering on wellness for consumers secures its own well-being amidst rapid growth.

Key Challenge

This company was outgrowing current capabilities with double-digit growth for 554 SKUs and an order volume of >168K. They needed a trustworthy 3PL partner that could support its service levels and specialized requirements to operate seamlessly through ecommerce and retail channels. Specialized expertise in the health & wellness industry was essential. Among their requirements were on-time shipping, order accuracy, and inventory accuracy. They needed a partner who could craft solutions, solve problems, and build robust, reliable systems to earn customer loyalty. With sales exploding, it couldn’t happen fast enough.


The company partnered with FIDELITONE, a values-based 3PL with experience in omnichannel solutions, to leverage its expertise. Together, the teams defined SLAs such as order accuracy, on-time shipping, inventory accuracy, and dock-to stock. They specified a comprehensive D2C and B2B solution to support both ecommerce and retail business. Features of the FIDELITONE partnership included:

Features of the FIDELITONE partnership included:

  • Established service through a centrally located warehouse, with capabilities to manage inbound and outbound freight
  • Onboarded to a robust Warehouse Management System, establishing a comprehensive technology solution for receiving, inventory management, order picking, and shipping
  • Implemented pre-built integrations for ecommerce and retail for fast-start omnichannel connectivity
  • Tailored systems for product management, such as LIFO, FIFO, expiration date management, and lot control
  • Set up a large-scale, customized kitting operation
  • Ensured real-time, multi-view visibility through the entire process—from inbound receipt through shipping—through a private dashboard
  • Leveraged experience shipping to retailers of all sizes; achieved shipping rate reductions
  • Conducted training and built an ongoing training plan for all involved personnel
  • Identified a Strategic Account Manager and Customer Service Representative to ensure smooth operations
  • Established a cadence for regular business reviews to ensure the health of the operation as the teams work together on upcoming goals


The company has successfully scaled its service levels and systems to meet expanding sales volume across channels. The client now has access to a private dashboard for real-time visibility into all product movement and SLA metrics.

Now, there are no constraints in growth, as evidenced by improved service and improved scorecards. The fast-paced needs of business clients are being better met, while the brand earns ever-growing loyalty from its ecommerce customers through accuracy in orders, specialized kitting, and on-time shipping. VP of Operations spends less time managing their fulfillment and supply chain services provider and more time on strategic initiatives – trust has been built.

Transitioning the company’s transportation operation to the FIDELITONE experts in shipping to large and small retailers led to competitive shipping rates and reduced the spend on transportation.

Next Steps

Further technology integrations with SAP and ShipEdge are underway to drive efficiencies and power strategy. As this dynamic company continues its trajectory, the team partnership created will focus on maintaining smooth operations, expanding solutions, and anticipating needs. The company can continue advancing its sales with confidence in its ability to expand and meet reliable SLAs.

Today, FIDELITONE is designing an automated kitting solution poised to dramatically increase the volume of kits that can be produced while reducing the cost per kit, with a projected savings of seven figures. The brand has achieved high level of service and business success from a problem-solving, results-driven 3PL partner—with more to come.

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