Parcel Carrier and Last Mile Delivery Face Off


Parcel Carrier and Last Mile Delivery Face Off

Parcel Carrier and Last Mile Delivery

E-commerce Furniture Delivery: The Moment of Truth

From knock-down furniture to a mattress in a box, consumer furniture buying habits continue to migrate to ecommerce. In fact, in 2016, e-retailers in the Top 500 who primarily sell housewares and home furnishings saw their ecommerce sales jump by 28.6% from the previous year, according to Internet Retailer. It's a win-win for retailers' sales figures - and for customers, who flock to the selection and convenience of online buying. But there's a risk:

How's your customer experience?

"We've recently had terrible experience with bookcases and an expensive, solid wood dresser. None of the items were in acceptable condition when they arrived (late)."

"When I finally tracked down a phone number to call, I soon became aware that no one was ever going to answer the call."

"Don't order from them."

"I will never order from them again."

These actual quotes from online furniture reviews underscore the influence of just one disappointing delivery experience - all-too-common when you hand over your brand's reputation to a third party. Before ecommerce took hold, the marketing adage was that one unhappy customer would tell 10 more. Today, a bad - or good - experience is social, broadcast to thousands of your potential customers.

Furniture delivery: the moment of truth

As an e-retailer, the delivery experience may be the most intimate touchpoint your customers have with your brand. This is the moment of truth. This is your brand's only shot at creating a rewarding customer experience that elevates your brand and nurtures repeat business. And to be sure, this moment will be magnified by social media, online review, and word-of-mouth. This moment - happening every day at many doorsteps - will define your sales success for months and years to come. It's all about earning loyalty.

Who's your curbside delivery partner?

The simple fact is: Manufacturers and retailers who are using parcel carriers for last mile delivery are not able to keep pace with their customers' delivery expectations. When it's furniture or a mattress, most shoppers demand a higher level of service. Yet you as a retailer don't want to drive up your costs, right?

Take a look at your options with last mile delivery

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