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Selling a piece of furniture is just the beginning—it’s only after successful delivery and assembly that a sale is complete. We offer national furniture delivery and warehousing services that help you earn customer loyalty and avoid costly returns.


FIDELITONE last mile delivery services provide furniture retailers, manufacturers and eTailers with end-to-end quality warehousing, deluxing and white glove delivery services. As a member of International Furniture Transportation & Logistics Council (IFTLC), FIDELITONE has an ongoing commitment to the furniture business, a wealth of experience, and an unparalleled ability to guarantee that every step of the full delivery cycle is perfectly executed.

Our attention to detail makes all the difference. You can rest assured knowing each piece of furniture and accessory that passes our hands undergoes meticulous inspection with blemishes corrected by experienced furniture craftsmen, followed by careful blanket wrapping to prevent damages in transit.

If the customer discovers damage once the item is already in their home, save time and keep customer satisfaction with in-home furniture repair. Dedicated repair technicians visit the customer’s home within 10 days to repair minor cosmetic damages. And, the customer gets to keep and use their new item while they wait.

Cost-Saving Furniture Delivery Services

Furniture retailers to 3PL experts in last mile delivery to help optimize furniture delivery and increase ROI. Part of FIDELITONE’s role in helping furniture retailers optimize their delivery services is to find and enable cost-efficiencies. 

FIDELITONE reduces costs and increases ROI in furniture delivery with last mile delivery technology that reduces multi-attempt deliveries and high-touch service that reduces damages and returns. 

Customer-Centric Furniture Delivery Services

With our delivery teams’ uncompromising service and level of professionalism, we guarantee an exceptional customer experience with every delivery. Our last mile teams work with furniture retailers, manufacturers, and furniture eTailers every day to earn customers’ loyalty.

Furniture Delivery Trends In 2021

Emulating successful delivery models is a winning tactic for furniture retailers. An original study conducted by Furniture Today Strategic Insights, in partnership with FIDELITONE, examined current delivery practices and use of 3PLs among furniture retailers. The study’s findings illustrate the most important aspects of creating a profitable last mile delivery partnership that earns customer loyalty.

Read Last Mile Furniture Delivery Trends and Challenges for 2021 for insights into in-market trends and challenges according to industry executives, or download the study to access all of its insights. 


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