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Phoenix: Ideal West Coast Fulfillment Location

Ecommerce retailers who want to reach customers in the Western United States, including Los Angeles and Southern California, can take advantage of FIDELITONE’s order fulfillment warehouse location in Chandler, AZ, near Phoenix. Chief Executive again ranks Arizona #4 in the top 10 states for business for 2022. Compare Arizona with California, ranked #50.

Benefits of Order Fulfillment in Phoenix

Availability of qualified workers is a major consideration in deciding on an order fulfillment center location. Arizona is a hub of workforce assets. “Poised and ready to meet your project needs, the state’s available workforce is skilled, abundant, talented, and young,” says Arizona Commerce Authority. Did you know? Arizona is nationally known as a top state for workforce quality and availability, ranking #2 in the country.

There’s also the cost of warehouse and fulfillment labor, which can affect your operational costs. Lower cost of labor impacts order fulfillment pick fees and thus, operational costs. Data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that of major metro areas, Los Angeles has the second highest rate of wage growth. Cost of living is also more than 60% higher in Los Angeles than in Phoenix, making Phoenix a more optimal site for maintaining a Western footprint without the expense of a California location. Compared with Southern California, the Phoenix area boasts less expensive real estate costs, too. In turn, these shave dollars off your expenses for storage of products.

What should you consider when selecting a location for your order fulfillment center to reach the Western U.S.? BestCompanies AZ likes to point out that Arizona is a fast-growing hub for commerce, with a lower rate of natural disasters that could potentially disrupt fulfillment operations.

Take a look at FIDELITONE – Chandler, AZ

Reaching customers in Western states

For a national retailer, configuring a network with two order fulfillment centers provides advantages in both customer experience and cost control. For example, a center in Chandler, AZ (Phoenix area) and Nashville, TN can provide 1-2 day fulfillment across the nation by ground service, while saving shipping costs.

FIDELITONE’s Nashville order fulfillment center and warehouse is strategically placed to provide businesses with cost-efficient options for B2B and D2C order fulfillment services to major markets in the Eastern United States, while Chandler provides efficient reach through the Western states.

“Expanding beyond your existing facility is a major step for any company and generates a lot of detailed discussion with management. But for many companies – whether internally managed or through outside partners – it’s the best long-term strategy for controlling shipping costs and shortening delivery time,” advises Brian Barry in MultiChannel Merchant.

Through all its order fulfillment locations, FIDELITONE is known for raising the bar on the KPIs that drive customer satisfaction, such as on-time and accurate fulfillment. Learn more about evaluating fulfillment warehouse KPIs.

Pooled shipping volumes – save costs

FIDELITONE works with nationwide parcel carriers to achieve cost savings from pooled shipping volumes. All order fulfillment operations at FIDELITONE are fully integrated across the nation and leverage technologies to optimize box size, manage order accuracy, and provide real-time visibility into inventory and orders through a private portal for companies.

FDA registered warehouse

The Chandler, AZ warehouse has temperature control capabilities and is registered with the FDA for food-grade warehousing, making it a perfect fit for health and wellness products or other products that require specialized capabilities.

Our Chandler order fulfillment location offers support for a wide variety of industries including:

Looking for an alternative west coast fulfillment location? Contact us today to explore your options for using a 3PL in Phoenix, AZ. We’d like to hear about your unique requirements.

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