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Phoenix, AZ

Order fulfillment services in Phoenix, Arizona

Our Phoenix, AZ based 3PL hub provides businesses with inventory forecasting, procurement, vendor management, and order fulfillment services. Located near Phoenix, this distribution center is conveniently situated to provide 1-2 day fulfillment to all major markets in the Western United States, including the lucrative Los Angeles and Southern California market—at a much lower cost than a California order fulfillment location. See why Phoenix is the ideal west coast fulfillment location.

Learn more about FIDELITONE’s nationwide order fulfillment center network, or contact us about our order fulfillment, last mile delivery, and inbound logistics services in the Phoenix area.

Ideal order fulfillment location for western states

Located near Phoenix, the variety of order fulfillment and last mile delivery services provided by FIDELITONE’s Phoenix, AZ warehouse help businesses increase their ROI. 

On-time fulfillment 

This location is equipped to pick, pack, and ship products to all major markets in the Western United States and offers 1-2 day fulfillment.

Order Accuracy

FIDELITONE’s procedures and technology help ensure order accuracy, boosting your profitability. Our warehouse management system accurately allocates and tracks your products, allowing orders to be picked, packed and shipped quickly and efficiently.

Omni-channel Order Fulfillment

For B2B, D2C, or omni-channel fulfillment rely on our order fulfillment experts in Arizona to help you meet demand. Whether a purchase is made in-store or online, we seamlessly execute fulfillment across multiple channels.

Real-time inventory management 

Benefit from unparalleled visibility into your inventory at our Phoenix, AZ order fulfillment center. Ensuring you always have the right materials and products on hand helps you make smarter business decisions. Our order fulfillment experts in Phoenix are ready to help you meet demand.


Our Phoenix order fulfillment location offers support for a wide variety of industries including:

FDA registered warehousing

FIDELITONE’s order fulfillment warehouse in Phoenix is registered with the FDA for food grade warehousing. This location offers food safe packaging and distribution to markets in the Western United States.

IAC Certified

In order to support FIDELITONE clients whose products travel to or from airports, FIDELITONE's Phoenix facility and drivers completed the certification process.

Last mile services

FIDELITONE’s last mile delivery warehouse in Phoenix, AZ serves customers in the Phoenix area and throughout Arizona with first-class last mile delivery services. With expert prep, efficient routing, and self-scheduling for customers, we give your customers options and build loyalty. Our professional, highly trained delivery teams earn high reviews for the companies we serve. The Arizona last mile delivery warehouse is equipped to receive and inspect products, schedule and confirm deliveries, and assemble the product on site. Learn more about the value of choosing a strong last mile delivery partner.

Last mile delivery services in Arizona include:

  • Curbside delivery
  • Threshold delivery
  • Room of choice delivery
  • White glove delivery

FIDELITONE: 3PL in Phoenix, Arizona

FIDELITONE is a nationwide expert in 3PL for ecommerce, B2B, D2C, and omnichannel fulfillment. Our Phoenix, Arizona warehouse near Phoenix is one in a nationwide network of order fulfillment centers, which offers businesses cost-effective ways to build customer loyalty with on-time order fulfillment services.

Need a 3PL order fulfillment partner company in Phoenix, Arizona and the Western United States? Call 800.475.0917 or contact us online to ask about order fulfillment services in Arizona, Southern California, and more.

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