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In a manufacturing environment, the flow of materials is the lifeline of production. FIDELITONE is here to orchestrate your need for a steady flow of materials to your manufacturing operation.

Functional support services for inbound logistics include:

  • Materials acquisition, based on your production schedule, with integrated quality assurance
  • Vendor management of inbound materials suppliers to track and manage vendor performance of your critical production materials
  • Inventory Management, client or supplier owned, in which we take on the business of ensuring the materials you need are available for production and manage the ups and downs of your requirements
  • Localized solutions for off-site materials warehousing and management of plant deliveries with turnkey staging for better utilization of space for production
  • Value added services that ensure materials are line-ready, such as unpacking, kitting, labeling, and other activities customized to the needs of each production line
  • Conversion of fixed labor, storage, and equipment expenses to variable expenses that scale to your dynamic needs.

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