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Large Parcel Delivery: How to Reduce Carrier Costs

 Large Parcel Delivery: How to Reduce Carrier Costs

Reclaim all that time you spend every month slaving over shipping calculators. Simplify your large parcel delivery and reduce last mile carrier costs by partnering with a 3PL last mile delivery service provider.

FIDELITONE’s right-fit last mile delivery solutions can help you avoid costly parcel carrier surcharges and gain cost-efficiencies while shipping packages weighing more than 50lbs. Here’s how FIDELITONE’s large parcel delivery services earn customer loyalty and reduce last mile costs. 

Flat-rate large parcel delivery

When you ship a large parcel via parcel carrier, the cost of that delivery fluctuates depending on an incredibly complicated array of variables. Of course, there’s the typical DIM Weight fee, but there’s also the variables of residential delivery surcharges, handling fees, delivery zone fees, and proof-of-delivery fees. Each added fee makes the cost less transparent and harder to calculate.

These complicated variables, paired with parcel carriers’ high-rates for heavy packages, make shipping large parcels through parcel carriers a headache for many businesses—and there’s only so much a shipping calculator can do to help.

FIDELITONE’s large parcel last mile delivery services simplify your shipping logistics. With a simple per-stop charge, FIDELITONE offers transparent pricing that removes the need for you to account for every additional parcel carrier surcharge and fee, which may reduce your staffing overhead.

Gone are the proof-of-delivery fees and residential surcharges. With FIDELITONE large parcel delivery, you gain the cost-efficiencies of scale, zone-skipping, and flat-rate delivery charges. 

Customer-centric large parcel delivery

From a customer perspective, parcel carriers don’t meet delivery experience standards to match their high-cost. A positive delivery experience can have a big impact on earning repeat business—especially for large parcel delivery to the home.

As single-level service providers, parcel carriers’ ring-and-run delivery experience leaves your customers with the tricky task of moving and unboxing a heavy or bulky product themselves. For some products, this may be acceptable. But for many heavy parcels, like furniture, appliances, mattresses, or premium goods, your customers will likely expect a higher level of service that only last mile delivery service providers can offer. 

FIDELITONE’s right-fit last mile delivery services can match your brand’s defined service levels, reducing damage, avoiding costly returns, and earning customer loyalty. Together, these qualities help to reduce your overall last mile delivery costs for heavy parcels.

Benefits of large parcel delivery carriers

Preventing damage in large parcel delivery

As mentioned above, preventing damage during transit is a significant variable in last mile delivery costs. 3PL last mile service providers are capable of unboxing, prepping, and inspecting products prior to delivery. These capabilities prevent the need to pay for returns and multiple deliveries.

Additionally, in the event that a product is damaged, 3PL last mile delivery partners like FIDELITONE offer easy-to-navigate pickup and return services for customers to use. These services maintain a high level of service even in less-than-ideal circumstances and protect your brand’s reputation. 

3PL cost-benefits in large parcel delivery

A successful partnership with a 3PL last mile delivery service provider offers a variety of cost-efficiencies. FIDELITONE’s nationwide network of last mile warehouses allows you to ship your large parcel directly to a delivery hub, where it will be scheduled for delivery within minutes of arrival. In addition to the zone-skipping cost-benefits, this capability offers optimal transit times to increase customer satisfaction.

As an added benefit, FIDELITONE is capable of holding your product and acting as a drop shipping provider. Retailers that need cost-efficient warehouse space to sell and ship large products find this 3PL capability extremely valuable.

FIDELITONE: flat-rate last mile provider for large parcels

Ready to step away from that shipment calculator and embrace cost-efficient large parcel delivery? Learn more about FIDELITONE’s last mile delivery capabilities and explore our nationwide network of last mile delivery hubs, including Chicago, IL, Los Angeles, CA, and Baltimore, MD. Contact us online or call 800.475.0917 to ask about flat-rate large parcel delivery. 

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