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Delivery self-scheduling & tracking puts clients in control

FIDELITONE offers self-scheduling and last-mile delivery track and trace services that put customers in control, answering important questions about the delivery process. By implementing delivery self-scheduling and tracking, omni-channel businesses can ensure a high level of customer service for all orders.

How Delivery Self-scheduling Technology Works

So, how does this technology work? First, customers receive a text or email notification allowing them to schedule a delivery date that works best for them. Then, they can track the delivery process in real time through our easy-to-use web interface and receive notifications for the estimated delivery window.

By accessing the web tracking interface, customers can see how far away their delivery is in real-time, removing common frustrations due to uncertainty.

Advantages of Self-Scheduling and Tracking for Your Customers and Brand

Benefits to your customers:

  • Remove common customer frustrations with the home delivery process.
  • Reduce scheduling delays, ensuring the product gets to the customer faster.
  • Reduce failed delivery rates due to inaccurate information and miscommunications.
  • Provide more accurate delivery window estimates, removing customer uncertainty.
  • Improve customer convenience through mobile notifications.

Benefits to your brand:

  • Introduce another channel to collect data for marketing purposes.
  • Increase access to customer preference insights through FIDELITONE web portal
  • Protect your bottom line by meeting consumer demand for control without making costly investments in proprietary self-scheduling technology.

Why should omni-channel businesses offer self-service delivery scheduling?

FIDELITONE understands the need to meet and exceed customer expectations. Lori Hader, FIDELITONE’s Chief Customer Experience Officer, helps clients deliver exceptional customer service every day.

“Self-scheduling and delivery tracking technology plays a key role in creating a positive delivery experience for every customer,” says Lori. “By putting control in the hands of the customer, we’re able to spend more time attending to customer needs. That makes a high-touch customer experience possible for everyone.”

Cutting Edge White Labeling Capabilities

FIDELITONE offers white label customization that can help businesses stand out in a competitive market, while also improving the customer experience and building stronger customer relationships. By putting customers in control of their delivery experience, businesses improve the customer experience for all their customers. At FIDELITONE, we offer white label customization that other 3PLs can’t match with superior benefits:

  • Improve brand perception through increased user confidence and familiarity
  • Allow businesses to brand the self-service scheduling and tracking platform with their own logos, colors, and design.
  • Create a more consistent brand image across all touchpoints, building trust and recognition with customers, and increasing brand loyalty.

FIDELITONE: 3PL Last Mile Delivery Technology Provider

As an expert 3PL partner in last mile delivery, FIDELITONE proudly offers proprietary delivery self-scheduling and tracking integrations to improve customer experience in home delivery processes. Integrations like mobile notifications, real-time track and trace, and self-scheduling are vital to earning customer loyalty for modern, tech-savvy customers.

Contact us online, or call 800.475.0917 to ask about integrating delivery self-scheduling and tracking technology into your customer experience. Request a free demo to see how our white labeling capabilities can support your brand’s goals.

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