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Parcel Carrier and Last Mile Delivery Face Off

Cost, service levels, and brand perception—each variable is valuable in finding the right delivery solution for your product. When comparing the differences between parcel carriers and last mile delivery carriers, weigh the importance of each variable in the context of your product.

Compare the advantages of last mile delivery carriers and parcel carriers, and choose the right fit for your product.

Parcel carriers vs last mile delivery: cost

Parcel carriers have traditionally been seen as the cheapest option for packages under 50lbs. However, baseline costs gloss over many of the hidden fees of parcel delivery, including residential delivery surcharges, proof-of-delivery fees, and the much-dreaded annual rate hike.

Last mile carrier service providers offer some cost advantages, especially for products and large parcels weighing about 50lbs. Choosing a last mile carrier service provider for large parcel delivery to the home is especially advantageous, as the residential delivery fee of parcel carriers is dropped in favor of a simple per-stop charge.

Overall cost transparency is a plus for last mile carrier service providers. Built to operate at multiple levels of service, last mile carrier service providers don’t charge extra for proof of delivery like parcel carriers do.

Parcel carriers offer an advantage for small parcels shipped at scale across large areas, while last mile delivery shines with larger products delivered regionally. Shipping to last mile delivery hubs offers the significant cost benefit of zone-skipping, dodging yet another parcel surcharge. Additionally, reduced transit time from that delivery hub and efficient warehouse management, ensures your customer receives the order without delay.

Reducing damage costs

A significant point of cost comparison between last mile delivery service providers and parcel carriers is the ability to prevent damage to the product during the delivery process. Last mile delivery carrier service providers, like FIDELITONE, specialize in prep and careful handling of products during transit and delivery.

This special attention to the care of the product reduces costly returns, replacement, and additional delivery costs. In the event of damage, damaged claim processing through parcel carriers can be cumbersome and unsatisfying for consumers. FIDELITONE offers pickup and exchange services to ensure customer satisfaction. When it comes to damage prevention and responsiveness, last mile delivery providers are better equipped to protect your brand reputation.

Parcel carriers vs last mile delivery: service levels

Parcel can be advantageous for small products shipped in large quantities, but last mile delivery offers multiple levels of service to meet customers’ expectations. The single level of ring-and-run service from parcel carriers does not satisfy customers expecting high-value products to be matched by high-touch delivery.

FIDELITONE’s right-fit last mile delivery services can be tailored to the needs of your product. If curbside satisfies your customers, you can still benefit from the cost benefits of no-surcharge services, like proof of delivery, and also reap the savings of zone-skipping.

If your product, like furniture, requires that extra touch to ensure customer satisfaction, FIDELITONE can unbox, prep, and inspect before delivery. From there, the customer is free to choose their experience—threshold, room-of-choice, or in-home assembly.

That kind of flexibility is not found with parcel carriers and a quality customer experience can have significant effects on your brand perception.

Parcel carriers vs last mile delivery: brand perception

Assessing your customers’ ongoing expectations is an important aspect of tailoring a delivery experience that earns customer loyalty. FIDELITONE helps clients conduct post-delivery surveys to ensure service levels match and exceed expectations.

What do you want your customers to associate your brand with? Sometimes, it just makes sense for a product to be carried by no-fuss parcel carriers. Not every product needs a high-touch experience.

But if your product is valuable, bulky, or premium-branded, you want to ensure your customers feel confident in purchasing from you and receiving deliveries again and again. That means preventing damage, offering multiple levels of service, and allowing for pain-free exchanges and returns—all while keeping your costs in control.

That’s where a 3PL last mile delivery partner can really help. FIDELITONE leverages the cost-efficiencies of proprietary last mile delivery technology, warehouse management tools, and a nationwide network of last mile delivery hubs to deliver customer satisfaction

Capacity constraints

Especially in light of recent surges in ecommerce, parcel carriers are increasingly bogged down by capacity constraints. Your shipment may be delayed or turned away, increasing the transit time and leaving a negative impression on your customer. If your shipping timelines are too long or uncertain, you could even lose a potential customer.

Diversifying your last mile delivery partnerships with last mile carrier service providers like FIDELITONE reduces the impact of the capacity constraints of parcel carriers. FIDELITONE can keep your product moving, ensuring fast transit times to improve the customer experience.

Who’s your curbside delivery partner?

Manufacturers and retailers selling bulky, valuable, or premium products who are using parcel carriers for last mile delivery are not able to keep pace with their customers’ delivery expectations. When it’s furniture or a mattress, most shoppers demand a higher level of service.

Take a look at your options with last mile delivery

Ready to earn customer loyalty and tighten your costs? Consider the cost benefits you will receive from partnering with a dedicated last mile delivery provider. Learn more about FIDELITONE’s last mile delivery services or explore our network of last mile delivery hubs, including Raleigh, NC, Tampa, FL, Richmond, VA, and 30+ locations nationwideContact us online to learn how to achieve value through last mile delivery.

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