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Parts Procurement

Our parts procurement solutions create efficiencies in your supply chain while focusing on quality and reducing costs.  Our technology and skilled experts work together to deliver a solution that addresses your challenges.

Reverse Auctioning

Reverse auctioning can impose price ceilings and contain your costs under dynamic circumstances. FIDELITONE's advancements in reverse auction methodologies deliver tangible benefits in your supply chain management with a time-sensitive, fully automated competitive solution that consistently buys you the value you require at the lowest possible prices.

Purchase Order Administration

What if you could work with one group to manage purchase orders with hundreds or thousands of vendors? FIDELITONE offers you a turnkey, one-stop shop for purchase order placement and payment administration.

FIDELITONE supports you with flexible purchase order administration systems to aggregate, transmit, and track your critical purchase orders. Of equal importance, we offer a solution to minimize your risk. When you choose FIDELITONE's unique single-source procurement solution, we handle every aspect of the financial transaction with multiple suppliers. When we place an order with the supplier on your behalf, we become the financially responsible party. We manage all aspects of payment administration, even including inventory ownership. Why not choose a single-source point of contact for all your purchase order administration and payment needs?

Global Sourcing

Turn to FIDELITONE for global sourcing solutions that help you improve quality, output, and customs compliance - all while reducing costs and increasing profitability. We offer a one-stop shop to support your organization in managing challenging supply chain initiatives for time-sensitive service parts.

FIDELITONE's centrally led global sourcing programs deliver improvements in supplier cycle time, quality control, inventory management, and delivery time. We rise to the challenge of consistently meeting customer cost and delivery requirements with the highest quality goods. Targeting your production timetables, FIDELITONE applies seasoned strategies that consistently reduce your costs.

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