Steps to Seamless Holiday Returns

 Steps to Seamless Holiday Returns

After the holiday season is over, many companies see higher than average return volumes. Unwanted gifts make their way back to you. You might feel frustrated, but it's just a reality of the holidays. You can, however take steps to make the returns process as seamless as possible to ensure a good customer experience. Last month, we wrote a blog post titled Steps to Seamless Holiday Shipping. You may want to go back and read it if you haven't already. That post got such a great response that we wanted to write a follow up. Shipping is just one of many links in the supply chain. A seamless returns process is just as important as seamless shipping in order to create customer loyalty.

Is your firm prepared for high volumes of returns? Our team takes these steps all year round.

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Steps to Seamless Holiday Returns

  1. First and foremost, have a process in place. This should include pre-determined dispositions and procedures for each disposition. From there, you can further optimize your process.
  2. Automate your process. Leveraging the latest technology and warehouse tools can reduce the time it takes to process returns and improve accuracy.
  3. Get real-time visibility to the returns process. Up-to-date, accurate status on the return allows for timely decision making and customer communication.
  4. Have the staff to support returns volumes. Returns, especially in ecommerce, create a large influx in volumes coming in and out of your warehouse. Make sure you have the necessary staff on hand to efficiently and effectively manage holiday return volumes. Customers will want their returns processed as quickly as possible.
  5. Most importantly, give your customer what they want. Customers want a simple and flexible returns process. Have multiple return options (carrier pick up, return to store, etc.). Provide them with pre-paid returns labels to eliminate any extra hassle.

Whatever your needs may be, FIDELITONE helps design solutions to create customer loyalty. Contact us today and let's work together to optimize your returns process.

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