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Scale your Business during the Health and Wellness Boom 

 Scale your Business during the Health and Wellness Boom 

Is your supplement company experiencing rapid business growth? The COVID-19 pandemic continues to shape consumer priorities and drive business success. This is especially evident for the health and wellness industry, where 40% of the general population surveyed now consider wellness a top priority in daily life, reports McKinsey. One survey found 68% of respondents prioritize their health more after the onset of the pandemic than they did before.

80% of consumers now take supplements in some form, reports NutraceuticalsWorld. Consumers not only take vitamins for general health, but for specific conditions (sales of condition-specific formulas grew 12% in 2021), gut health (prebiotic and probiotic gummies sales grew by 19% in 2021), and supplements to boost their immune systems (43% of Americans have added immunity-supporting supplements to their routine). Herbal supplements also capture their fair share of the market: sales of herbal and botanical dietary supplements in the U.S. grew 17% in 2020 alone.

With rapid supplement business growth, how do you scale up?

Risks of Rapid Business Growth

Scaling your business without sacrificing customer experience is a balancing act. Rapidly growing businesses face many challenges, especially when customer demand begins to outpace your order fulfillment operations capabilities.

Operational inefficiency is a major risk to keeping your business healthy, says Inc.: your existing processes may be great on a smaller scale, but they might not be able to keep up with the accelerated demand for your products, for faster shipping to more locations, or for more order customization. Additionally, when the scale of your business increases, you may find customer service standards are slipping as order accuracy falls or shipping is slow. 71% of consumers have ended their relationship with a company due to poor customer service, says Neil Patel.

And at the core of your company are your employees. Your loyal team might begin to feel overworked as they race to fill orders, or you may struggle to hire new employees at an accelerated rate.

Health and Wellness Order Fulfillment Solutions

If your business is expanding quickly, consider adding a fulfillment center to help scale your rapid business growth without sacrificing customer service. A new, direct to consumer order fulfillment center will provide faster, more reliable service to your customers across the nation. Or, explore the difference adding an order fulfillment center as an end-to-end solution can make to your retail fulfillment operations and your retail partners.

Outsourcing your order fulfillment to an experienced, nationwide order fulfillment partner can also provide competitive advantages to help your business succeed and scale up. If you’re concerned about coping with the rapid growth in order fulfillment operations, here’s FIDELITONE can help:

  1. Product bundling and order kitting helps you provide a customized experience for your customers. FIDELITONE’s capabilities include subscription fulfillment services for standing monthly shipments of products to your customers.
  2. FDA-registered warehousing allows you to store and ship dietary supplements, medical devices, or edible wellness products with confidence. Cut down on your regulations oversight and instead concentrate on meeting your customers’ needs.
  3. Rapid order fulfillment guaranteed by FIDELITONE’s national network of strategically placed warehouses is designed to provide 1-2 day fulfillment by ground across 98% of the U.S. 
  4. Improved order accuracy provided by our warehouse management system that allows your orders to be picked, packed, and shipped to your customers.
  5. Real-time visibility at each of our order fulfillment centers nationwide makes your job easier. Seeing up-to-date, accurate inventory of your products and materials helps you make smarter business decisions. 

If your health and wellness business is growing rapidly, it may be time to beef up your order fulfillment capabilities. Request a quote for order fulfillment services that will help you earn customer loyalty. Contact us online or call 800.475.0917.

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