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Order Fulfillment Technologies for an End-to-End Solution

 Order Fulfillment Technologies for an End-to-End Solution

Ecommerce order fulfillment is a competitive business where speed and accuracy count with customers who will abandon a brand in a heartbeat. Order fulfillment technologies can give your ecommerce and retail fulfillment business a competitive edge.

But not all technologies are created equally. And costs can be steep. Anemic technology can hold your business back. We hear that concern every day from brands who are seeking new end-to-end solutions for order fulfillment.

Robust, flexible technology solutions

This is where you reap benefits by partnering with a large-scale order fulfillment expert like FIDELITONE. Depth and breadth in the national order fulfillment arena mean that FIDELITONE has seen it all—and solved it all with high-powered tech-driven tools that address every step of the order fulfillment flow seamlessly and efficiently.

Quick, economical integration for orders

Automated transfer of orders into a Warehouse Management System (WMS) is step one. This requires integration with your ecommerce or order-capture system. We have multiple integrations in place for common ecommerce platforms, value-added networks, retailers, and marketplace systems. These lead to low implementation costs and fast ramp-up.

Avoid errors, speed processing

In addition, order integration cuts out clunky manual steps in order entry and eliminates data entry errors. It speeds the process of pick, pack, and ship for order fulfillment and gets packages out to customers faster.

Robust, flexible WMS

As you require specific capabilities for your growing customer base, we apply the technologies to make it happen. Far beyond the bare bones of some systems, the FIDELITONE WMS provides a full complement of capabilities, with the flexibility to adapt to your business model, your customer policies, and your SOPs. Pick validation, lot control, expiration date management, FIFO, LIFO, bundling or kitting, branded packaging and inserts, inventory management, backorder management, returns, omni-channel fulfillment solutions are examples of specialized capabilities that are constructed to meet your needs and match your desired customer experience.

Real-time visibility and 24/7 dashboard

Through your private partner portal, your service team is always in the loop on order status and related details. Real-time visibility into order status helps you keep customers up-to-date with accurate information at every point in the journey. The WMS passes Advance Shipping Notifications (ASNs) and shipping confirmations to your system in real time, too.

Do you have adequate inventory to fill incoming orders? Are you able to right-size inventory procurement to balance supply chain bottlenecks vs. avoiding excess inventory carrying costs? Through your portal, you have real-time visibility to inventory counts on demand to help guide decisions on how much to buy.

With your private dashboard in the portal, you can gauge key metrics at a glance without allocating extra staff or poring over spreadsheets. Views can be customized to each user, arming them with crucial information at every point in time. Comprehensive reports are available, too—all with up-to-the minute information you need to run your business.

A solution that grows with you

A robust, flexible technology backbone is key to business growth, too. As your success expands, FIDELITONE technologies adapt and expand with you. What’s more, our order fulfillment center network allows you to leverage a national geography to serve your customers with fast shipping and cost savings. (Learn more about setting up a national order fulfillment network.)

Not all technologies are the same. FIDELITONE has invested in robust, high-caliber tools so you don’t have to. Pick, pack, and ship with speed and confidence!

Move your business forward

Your customers have high expectations. Count on FIDELITONE to deliver on your brand promise and earn customer loyalty. We apply turnkey technologies to make it happen. We’d love to hear more about your need. Contact us online or call (800) 475-0917 to speak with an order fulfillment expert.

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