6 Examples of E-Commerce Customer Service Done Right

 6 Examples of E-Commerce Customer Service Done Right

You can have the best company in the world, but your customer service is what will put you over the top - or pull you down. When you’re behind a screen all day, it’s easy for your customers to feel like they may not be taken care of. Here, we examine six e-commerce businesses whose customer service teams are shining examples of how to do it right. 

Chewy provides a personal touch

We’ve mentioned that personalization remains a hallmark customer loyalty strategy

Chewy, a pet supplies distributor, has got it down. Fans rave about their customer service and the fact that they go above and beyond. It’s the little things – like writing handwritten notes to customers – that set them apart: “I contacted Chewy last week to see if I could return an unopened bag of my dog’s food after he died. They 1) gave me a full refund, 2) told me to donate the food to the shelter, and 3) had flowers delivered today with the gift note signed by the person I talked to.”

NatureBox strives for ease of service

Healthy snack distribution to your home or office is what NatureBox is all about. Customers love their tasty offerings, but NatureBox understands that every snack might not be for everyone. In fact, the ease of service is what has many hooked: “I have enjoyed NatureBox for several years now.  I appreciate the ease of hand selecting the healthy snacks that I would like to receive, and the convenience of them arriving by mail every month.  I have also had positive experiences with customer service for some small issues that needed attention.  I would recommend NatureBox to anyone who is looking for healthy snacks to have available in their pantry monthly!” 

Boxycharm responds to its customers lightning fast

Boxycharm is a monthly beauty subscription service that ships products to your door from a variety of established and indie makeup brands. Users are gleeful about receiving 4-5 full-size beauty products at a reasonable price point instead of sample sizes, but what many point out is how responsive customer service is: “Their customer service always answers my questions and [replies] to my email. Their products are always full sizes and high-end products for only $21... What’s not to love?!” When there are issues with products, responding efficiently and courteously can be a way to boost the customer relationship.

Take some cheerful inspiration from Savannah Bee Company

Savannah Bee Company is the result of a lifelong beekeeping passion. The creators offer a skincare lineup as well as artisanal honey products, which are sold online and in brick and mortar stores. Customers delight in sample honey tastings in physical locations, and they can’t get enough of their lip balms. But it’s the cheeriness and knowledge one gets from their customer service that keeps people coming back for more. Said one reviewer, “... seriously the most cheerful customer service. The guy who sold us our honey makes me want to give up my job and sell honey all day, he just seems so happy.”  We can’t argue with that. 

Crutchfield makes things simple onsite

Electronics retailer Crutchfield prides itself on how insights from customers continue to transform its business. And they know how much time users can potentially spend online, trying to find what they need - so they make answers easy to find: “The best part about buying from you guys is all of the information you give exactly where it's needed. I don't have to click around to find out what I need to know. It's all [easy] to find. I love the product videos, even on the small things like wiring connectors.”

Patience goes a long way at Boll & Branch

Luxury bedding retailer Boll & Branch is known for its commitment to Fair Trade and organic materials in the linen industry. And they care about the product concerns of their customers, especially where allergies are concerned, according to this Amazon reviewer: “My son has extremely sensitive skin and severe allergies, so we've had to completely change our laundry detergent, pillow stuffing, use an air purifier in his room, the whole nine yards. I did a ton of research to find the cleanest organic sheets I could...their customer service team was very patient with all my questions and was the only brand that answered all my questions satisfactorily (I know I sound a little neurotic but if you saw my son's skin during a reaction, you would be too!).”

As these examples prove, excellent e-commerce customer service will make your brand stand out. And an impeccable, high-performing order fulfillment plan can further cement that impression. 

Staying on top of the entire purchasing experience, from the beginning of the ordering process to product arrival and in-home delivery, still remains critical especially where e-commerce customer loyalty is concerned. Ensuring you are free of inventory issues, monitoring sales cycles to be prepared for peaks and valleys, and utilizing shipping technologies can also help. At FIDELITONE, we understand the importance of order fulfillment to your brand - and we're committed to ensuring the right product gets to the right place at the right time. Contact us today for your order fulfillment needs.

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