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Chelsey Hehn: Team Leader with a Positive Attitude

This month, we got an inside look on life from Chelsey Hehn, the Team Lead in our Elizabethton facility. Delivering outstanding customer experiences is a priority for all FIDELITONE team members, and Chelsey works to make sure our fulfillment team runs smoothly and efficiently, helping out wherever she can.

In this profile, she discusses how she loves the energy of the warehouse and the growth opportunities at FIDELITONE, why being a product consumer informs her job, and how much she loves being in Tennessee.

Please describe your role at FIDELITONE. What does a typical day look like for you?

I work as a Team Lead supporting our Order Fulfillment services at our Elizabethton facility in Tennessee, which means I plan and manage our pick, pack, and shipment activities. I start by going over the plan for the day; how many orders we have, then print them out and help everyone get to work.

It’s my job to keep the line going and keep that momentum up, but occasionally there are bottlenecks. Sometimes that happens if someone runs out of products or if we have new trainees who are still getting the hang of our flow. If something goes wrong on the computer, I look into those problems and help our order pickers get caught up and smooth things out. I’ll jump on the fulfillment line as much as possible, wherever I’m needed, to keep things flowing.

What do you enjoy most about working at FIDELITONE?

I love the people. Everyone is so nice and friendly to one another. Everyone gets along.

The growth opportunities, too: I just went to a management training here and I left with helpful knowledge to bring back to the job. I think it’s so cool that FIDELITONE provides management training to help employees reach their full potential.

How did you get your start in supply chain?

I got super lucky. I applied online in 2013 and went to work for a different FIDELITONE warehouse location in Chandler, AZ, and just loved it. I love the “go go go” tempo of our warehouse operations.

What about the future of logistics excites you the most?

The way tech is taking over. It’s going to be amazing to see how much more product you can get out and how much more efficient you can be.

For example, we have a new warehouse management system that has some pretty advanced capabilities. When I first started, box selection was a manual process. Now, our WMS tells us exactly which boxes we need and how many are required to fill the orders for that day.

It’s expensive to ship air. You hear that when someone gets an oversized box. Technology helps us choose the right box size, which also helps the product arrive safely to the customer. It’s a huge time saver, and for me, it makes a huge difference for the customer.

How do you work to create customer loyalty and ensure order accuracy?

I want to make sure that every package goes out correctly. You have to scan the order and scan the box for greater order accuracy. The system makes us take extra steps and precautions so nothing is missed.

We also go through training of how all the pickers should be packing boxes. If I notice someone is not packing boxes right, I retrain them on the process so that when the order gets to the customer, they’re happy when they open the box.

I also think of my own experience ordering products online. Every time I get a package, I judge it. I check out the packing slip and think about the process it went through. I know that as a consumer, it’s a pain to call customer service if something is missing.

What sets FIDELITONE apart from the competition?

The company is super customer-minded and it’s clear from all of the growth opportunities that our management team wants employees to succeed.

What are your interests/hobbies outside of work?

Hiking and fishing and hanging out with my dog all day.

Share a unique fact about yourself!

Lately, the most unique fact is that I relocated from Arizona to Tennessee. I lived in Arizona my whole life, but it’s too hot. Tennessee is just beautiful.

What would you recommend for someone who wants to start a career in supply chain?

For me, attitude is everything. If you have a can-do positive attitude, it makes everything run a lot smoother.

Driven and innovative team members such as Chelsey are the reason why FIDELITONE is a great place to work. We truly appreciate their hard work and dedication to providing outstanding client experiences.

Are you interested in joining the FIDELITONE team? Learn more about career opportunities.

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