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Cheers to 90 years: Delivering innovation, value, and customer loyalty

 Cheers to 90 years: Delivering innovation, value, and customer loyalty

FIDELITONE opened for business in 1929 and we’re excited to share that September 27, 2019 marks our 90 year anniversary. You might be surprised to learn that FIDELITONE wasn’t always a logistics company. We started out as a manufacturer of phonograph needles for record players and jukeboxes. The company has certainly changed a lot over the years but our core values remain the same - customer-centric, accountable, collaborative, curious.

“As a fourth generation family member to lead FIDELITONE, I am so proud of what our employees have accomplished over the last 90 years. The entrepreneurial spirit of our founder, inspired a culture of ingenuity which has helped FIDELITONE deliver innovation, value and customer loyalty,” shared Josh Johnson, Chief Executive Officer. “Thank you to our clients for placing trust in FIDELITONE, and thank you to our talented employees for always striving to improve customer experience.”

Here’s a look back at some pivotal moments in FIDELITONE’s 90 year history:

1920s: FIDELITONE was once the world’s largest consumer of diamond pebbles, when it was a phonograph needle manufacturer.

90 Years of Ingenuity - Spare Parts.jpg

1960s: Did you know FIDELITONE had one of the first IBM 360 mainframe computers in Chicago? Today, our technology tracks critical delivery information in real time.

90 Years of Ingenuity - Technology.jpg

1980s: We’re proud to have pioneered an individual drop ship program in the 1980s. FIDELITONE was the first company to bypass mid-points and ship directly to the consumer.

90 Years of Ingenuity - Drop Ship.jpg

“We sell efficiency and a better way to do things to take care of the customer.” -Craig Hudson, Chairman of the Board

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Earning customer loyalty on all channels: Just after 2000, FIDELITONE expanded B2B fulfillment into retail distribution to offer full-blown omnichannel capabilities.

90 Years of Ingenuity - B2B Fulfillment.jpg

Improving the bottom line for clients: Shortly after 2000, FIDELITONE devised a reverse auction system to reduce costs and reduce transit time.

90 Years of Ingenuity - Reverse Auction.jpg

2012: FIDELITONE introduced the Interactive Parts Finder. It’s both a visual catalog and a parts order management system. 12.4 million SKUs. The right part. The right place. The right time.

90 Years of Ingenuity - Parts Finder.jpg

FIDELITONE introduced a Partner Portal almost two decades ago to provide real-time accountability and visibility into inventory, orders, and analytics.

90 Years of Ingenuity - Partner Portal.jpg

“Technology is no longer just something to support your business. We use technology to enhance and grow your business.” – Jeff Pfeiffer, Director, Customer Solutions Group

90 Years of Ingenuity - Technology Growth.jpg

2019: Celebrating 90 years of supply chain excellence and innovation. Driven by being customer-centric, collaborative, accountable, and curious.

90 Years of Ingenuity - Company Values.jpg

Today, we’re proud to have a nationwide network of locations that support clients in inbound logistics, order fulfillment, last mile delivery, and service parts management. Thanks to the outstanding work of our drivers, carrier partners, and other team members. Here what some of them have to say about our 90 year journey. Cheers to 90 years and thanks for helping us celebrate!

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