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Established In 1929

We opened for business in 1929 as a manufacturer and distributor of phonograph needles for record players and jukeboxes. When founder Arthur Olsen realized the need for a longer-lasting needle, FIDELITONE developed the Diamond Stylus, a high-quality needle that is now a featured collector's item. The Diamond Stylus was manufactured in FIDELITONE's plants in the United States and Scotland - and distributed around the world.


As record players gave way to cassette players in the 1970's, FIDELITONE became the exclusive private-brand parts distributor for the largest provider of product repair services in the United States. FIDELITONE continued to expand its repair service operations and soon became an international leader in parts distribution.


FIDELITONE pioneered the individual drop ship program, making FIDELITONE the first distribution company to bypass one or more mid-points and ship directly to the end user. FIDELITONE's innovation greatly impacted the distribution industry, improved customer satisfaction and delivery times, and is now the industry standard.


Throughout the 1990's, FIDELITONE expanded its facilities, acquired companies specializing in MRO (maintenance, repair and operations) parts and implemented state-of-the-art warehouse automation to deliver faster service, accuracy and cost control for customers.


In 2008, FIDELITONE acquired Dedicated Logistics, LLC and Winwell Industries, providing pooled distribution services from regional locations across the country. The acquisitions expanded FIDELITONE's service offerings to include last mile delivery.

In the current decade, FIDELITONE continues to expand through acquisitions of AADF (Albuquerque Assembly Distribution & Freeport) Warehouse in 2010 (a New Mexico-based company specializing in inbound logistics), Purnell Furniture Services in 2012 (a Virginia-based company specializing in residential last mile delivery), TechniPak LLC also in 2012 (a Tennessee-based company specializing in direct-to-consumer fulfillment), Total Solutions LLC in 2016 (an Arizona-based company specializing in order fulfillment) and Remar, Inc. (a Tennessee-based company specializing in inbound logistics and order fulfillment). These acquisitions expand FIDELITONE's service area and add expertise with companies in manufacturingfurniture and health & fitness.

Now in the fourth-generation of privately-held ownership, FIDELITONE is guided by the same entrepreneurial spirit and customer service focus that has shaped the company since 1929.

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