Five Secrets for Reducing Your Furniture Returns

 Five Secrets for Reducing Your Furniture Returns

In furniture sales, claims and returns are perhaps the greatest threat to efficiency and profitability—not to mention customer loyalty. Are you satisfied with your claims and returns rate? If not, check out these five secrets, all proven to perform for your  customers and your business:

Build a White Glove Culture

Satisfaction starts on the truck, continues when merchandise arrives at the warehouse, and is completed when all traces of unpacking material have been cleared from the final delivery site. That’s all part of a white glove culture that protects the merchandise and demonstrates to  customers that you want everything to be perfect.

Inspect & Deluxe

Who would you rather find a blemish on furniture—the warehouse team or your customer? Before delivery, trained teams need to comb every inch of merchandise, checking for minor flaws or cosmetic issues. This is the time to polish, touch up and repair any marks or blemishes. Deluxing is a critical component to delivering merchandise a customer could never turn away.

Call on a Medic

Did inspection reveal structural issues or a big scratch? Have these repaired by a furniture medic, a skilled craftsman. With a tool box fit for an operating room and the magic of airbrushes, a furniture medic can often rescue what looks like a hopeless piece—saving you money and creating happy customers.

Wrap Merchandise

Once a piece has been carefully inspected and touched up, wrapping is the crucial  protection to prevent damage and safeguard quality from the warehouse to the home.  Use of manufacturing-quality plastic and blanket wrapping cocoon your merchandise for transit.  Remember the adage: An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure? It definitely applies here.

Practice Delivery Etiquette

One of the most effective ways to connect with your home delivery customer and earn his/her  trust is to show great respect and courtesy to the homeowner. Protect the customer’s home and merchandise. Wear shoe covers to protect the floors and white gloves to keep the furniture clean; wrap the furniture in a blanket to protect it and the walls. It’s essential to remove all traces of packing material prior to leaving. It’s all simple etiquette—and it works.

Let us help you reduce your return rate. At FIDELITONE, we continuously strive to enhance the art of white glove delivery. The last mile—no matter how long it is—is the most important mile in your customers’ eyes.

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