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Going The Extra Mile For Customer Satisfaction

Dedicated last mile delivery solutions earn customer loyalty and increase sales.

Key Challenge

Delivery incidents reported by customers were increasing, on-time delivery metrics were slipping, and return rates were on the rise. With 24,000 deliveries per year, accounting for millions of dollars in sales revenue, the client needed confidence in a delivery provider who could consistently exceed customer expectations.


The client sought out FIDELITONE for its long-standing expertise in last mile delivery. The team developed a dedicated delivery model, which would provide the delivery teams, trucks, on-site labor, and technology needed to deliver customer satisfaction. To enable the client to retain warehousing administration, FIDELITONE’s advanced delivery management system was seamlessly integrated with the client’s data systems.

Goal-Oriented Teams

An on-site team of skilled specialists was recruited and trained to ensure all delivery processes, requirements, and SOPs were in alignment with the client’s goals. Delivery teams were trained in high-touch customer service to act as brand ambassadors and ensure satisfaction. Goals for these teams were defined in collaboration with the client, and scorecard metrics were implemented to track performance.

Delivering Positive Brand Experiences

Home delivery is an opportunity for FIDELITONE to form positive relationships between the client and their customers. Delivery teams are outfitted with the client’s branded uniforms, which reinforce the brand’s commitment to service throughout the delivery experience. After delivery, customers are left with a high-quality, well-handled product and a relationship with the client’s brand that drives positive reviews and repeat purchases.


FIDELITONE’s dedicated delivery solution improved service while earning customer loyalty for the client’s brand. Since implementation, performance and customer satisfaction metrics have increased; reported incidents are down 50%, returns are down 37%, and sales have grown 15%.

Customers have been impressed with the professionalism, timeliness, and flexibility of the client’s home delivery, too. The average score for customer satisfaction surveys is 4.8 out of 5.

With the confidence of a competitive edge in home delivery, the client can invest in new strategies to stand out among their competitors. The client’s trust in FIDELITONE’s delivery solutions prompted them to expand the partnership to four additional markets nationwide.

On-time Delivery

Increase In Sales

Reduction In Returns

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