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Last Mile Logistics Tech Took Center Stage at Home Delivery World

How do technology trends influence the delivery space? Last month, our team attended Home Delivery World in Atlanta – a conference dedicated to retail logistics – to find our the answers. Read on for three trends in technology that are sure to have a major impact on last mile delivery.

Last Mile Technology: Keep Customers Updated

Last mile delivery technology was a major theme throughout the conference. Technology puts the consumer in control – providing them with visibility into the entire delivery process. Like anyone who’s every ordered anything online knows, consumers want increasingly fast shipping and updates during the process. To keep customers happy, it’s important to let them check in on the delivery when and where they want to. Don’t make them wait to hear from you.

Here are some of the latest trends and features in last mile delivery tech:

GPS, Maps, or ETAs are updated in real-time to account for delays, traffic, weather conditions, and road closures.

Consumers have the ability to reschedule delivery times at any point.

AI, AR, and voice controlled devices are being introduced to last mile delivery. These give consumers a whole new way to interact with retailers along the delivery journey.

Delivery providers need a robust mobile application solution in order to provide these features to consumers. Last mile solutions need to be designed around the consumers and their needs. A flexible and adaptable system should be able to accommodate ever changing and increasingly demanding consumers needs.

Big and Bulky Delivery: Explain Options

Not only are Americans buying more things online, they are buying big and bulky items online including furniture, TVs, fitness equipment, and mattresses. Consumers expect the same level of service during delivery – regardless of item size and weight.

Delivering those types of items presents a whole new set of challenges compared to smaller products. Bulky item deliveries require more time on site at the delivery location, a two-or-more-man delivery team, heavy lifting, and often complex assembly. Additionally, there might be unforeseen challenges or obstacles at the delivery location.

Build Direct provided the following tips to improve the big and bulky delivery experience:

  • Give the consumer options, like white glove service levels.
  • Provide the customer with self-servicing tools – put them in control!
  • Take the time to explain the options and delivery process to the customer. Make it easy to understand so they know exactly what to expect.

FIDELITONE specializes in big and bulky delivery. Whatever your needs, you can trust our depth of experience, professionalism, service focus and flexibility to get the job done.

Blockchain is Here to Stay

Blockchain is here and it will have a major impact on last mile delivery before we know it. Blockchain can increase tracking and transparency – giving shippers more visibility – across the entire supply chain, including last mile.

Here are some additional benefits of technology:

  • Blockchain prevents any transaction made in the supply chain from disputing the validity of the transaction or unwanted manipulation of the transaction.
  • Increased security: blockchain will reduce and prevent hacking.
  • Increased efficiency: blockchain can reduce manual processes.

Full implementation and usage of blockchain will require a large undertaking; however, it’s a promising technology that will likely be the future of supply chain and last mile delivery.

FIDELITONE creates new last mile technology in-house based on feedback from clients. We’ll be rolling out new features over the next few months. Stay tuned! Reach out to us to learn about our last mile delivery solutions.

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