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Inventory Forecasting

Many aspects of supply chain performance hinge on inventory forecasting. Stock needs to be available, yet the solution is not to stockpile. Proven analytics and refined algorithms can extract meaning from your ever-changing data patterns, providing effective inventory forecasting and cost management.

We understand that your products, your customers’ needs, and your business model translate into inventory dollars. Clients turn to FIDELITONE to reduce inventory carrying costs, reduce inventory obsolescence, and raise service levels through refined inventory forecasting methodologies.

A specialized inventory forecasting solution developed by FIDELITONE delivers impactful information through robust, versatile reporting and timely notifications. Our goal is to ensure the right product is always available in the right place at the right time—and without wasted dollars.

The FIDELITONE team is here to work with you to answer your toughest inventory forecasting questions, such as:

  • How can you forecast inventory more accurately and minimize inventory obsolescence?
  • How much can you boost inventory turns and reduce carrying costs?
  • What is the best-fit warehouse configuration that will optimize product flow and reduce expenses?
  • How can you meet on-time customer delivery requirements and increase order fill rates?

We consistently help clients achieve measurable results in cost reduction and service level improvement. At FIDELITONE, we analyze inventory and service levels to calibrate the practices that serve both your customers and your bottom line.

Let us quantify your opportunities for you. Contact FIDELITONE online today or call: 800.475.0917.

Case Study


In-house service organization for national home improvement retailer improves first-time repair rate to over 90% and reduces inventory by 37%.

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