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What are Compliance Chargebacks Costing You?

 What are Compliance Chargebacks Costing You?

When your logistics partner follows retail routing guidelines, shipping is a smooth process. When they don’t, you incur compliance chargebacks and risk affecting more than your bottom line: it can also affect your company’s reputation.

If something is damaged or defective when it arrives to the retailer or customer, that can negatively affect the customer experience. Compliance issues can also delay the order if your logistics partner doesn’t ship the right quantity on time.

By reducing chargebacks on B2B order fulfillment, you can save money, keep your customers happy, and preserve your retail contracts.

Chargebacks Total Up

Chargebacks can be costly, with fees ranging from 5% to 20% of your entire shipment’s cost.

Some common order errors that add up include:

  • Incorrect barcodes
  • Not shipping or arriving on time
  • Incorrect quantity
  • Wrong item shipped

Too Many Chargebacks?

A client sought out FIDELITONE when their previous 3PL began incurring too many chargebacks. They were about to be dropped from shelves at a major national retailer.

They turned to FIDELITONE’s expertise and proven processes to drastically cut the number of chargebacks they incurred. Customers received correct products on time, the client saved money, and ultimately, they kept their retailer contract.

Reduce Chargebacks with Logistics Partner Excellence

FIDELITONE’s experienced partnership can help you keep your retail contracts and grow into new markets. Our team takes steps to ensure compliance with vendor routing guides, considering factors such as:

  1. Updated Routing Guides
    When a client notifies us of a new vendor routing guide, we quickly update our process and procedures to align. Additionally, we review all existing vendor guides quarterly to ensure you’re always compliant.
  2. Chargebacks Disputes
    Each month, the FIDELITONE team reviews chargebacks and disputes them on behalf of our clients. With properly documented orders assured using our custom warehouse management system, we’re able to offer order fulfillment excellence, win chargeback disputes, and keep chargebacks as close to zero as possible.
  3. Training
    Every FIDELTIONE team member who handles your order has completed extensive training on current retailer routing guides. We remain current on every detail, whether it’s correct pallet height or label placement.
  4. Commerce Integration
    Every step of the order fulfillment process is complemented by technology designed to ensure order accuracy. From RF scanning quality control checks to our warehouse management system that produces correct compliance labels, FIDELITONE’s technology and systems offer a last defense against non-compliant orders. Additionally, our in-house IT team delivers software integrations with retail networks favored by major retailers, such as SPS Commerce and TrueCommerce.

If you’re ready to reduce your compliance chargebacks and secure your company’s reputation, FIDELITONE can help. Let’s talk.

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