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Inventory Management



FIDELITONE’s inventory management services support your operation and fully integrate with your materials supply chain,adapting to your inventory needs.

The FIDELITONE team can help you with inventory forecasting, establishing real-time visibility into your inventory, inbound materials vendor management, and Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) solutions, in which we take on the business of ensuring the materials you need are available for production and manage the ups and downs of your requirements.

Working from your production schedules, we build and manage manufacturing materials management and inventory solutions to ensure materials are available when and where you need them.

FIDELITONE: Inventory management solutions

Reduce your inventory carrying costs and increase your performance with inventory management solutions from FIDELITONE.

Real-time inventory visibility

Through the FIDELITONE Partner Portal, clients have real-time inventory visibility, ensuring timely reorder points.

Data-driven inventory management

FIDELITONE’s warehouse management systems integrate with inventory data sources to provide accurate insights into inventory levels, capturing inbound receipts and outbound orders.

Inventory obsolescence tracking

Our inventory management experts help you track inventory items that don’t move, informing your future purchasing decisions.

Take further control over your inventory with help from FIDELITONE’s inventory management solutions. Contact us online or call 800.475.0917 to ask how our inventory management expertise can help your business.

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