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When Disaster Strikes: A Supply Chain Success Story

“Resilience, perseverance and experience during a time of turmoil prevents negative customer experiences.

Key Challenge

Clients were relying on FIDELITONE to keep business moving. With damaged infrastructure, no power, and local workers in crisis, how would the FIDELITONE team ship orders?

With widespread devastation impacting the entire community, it took time for insurance adjusters and building inspectors to arrive. Amid an array of figurative “brick walls,” the FIDELITONE team had to make smart decisions to get operations back into gear with as little disruption to clients’ businesses as possible.


FIDELITONE rapidly assembled a tiger team to triage orders and tackle priorities: safety of employees, assessment of the condition of clients’ products, real-time planning for business continuity, and meticulous communication—with clients, shipping partners, team members, and more. A command room was set up in one of FIDELITONE’s facilities in the area that was not impacted by the tornado. Around that conference room table, dynamic decisions were made that would chart an extraordinary course of disaster recovery.

Command and Control

With a multi-client operation, each client’s business model required a unique set of solutions. FIDELITONE tapped into its existing network of facilities in Tennessee and crafted a best-fi t plan for each client—moving some inventory to another facility, implementing outbound redirects, and re-directing inbound receipts. In addition, FIDELITONE quickly identifi ed the need for additional space in the Nashville area. In a stunning move, the team secured a facility in Goodlettsville, TN to serve as an adjunct facility.

Client Profile

One client, who supplies quick-lube oil change shops with oil fi lters and other daily supplies, serves 550 stores. Collectively, the stores perform 50,000 oil changes per day. Each store had about 2 weeks of supplies on hand at the moment of the disaster. Their disaster recovery plan didn’t take into account a tornado hitting their sole distribution facility. They prepared themselves to be down for at least a month. Their fi rst shipment went out within 3 days, securing a critical revenue stream almost immediately.

More Outcomes

Processes, people, and communications are powerful cards to play in disaster response. By pulling out all the stops, FIDELITONE:

Days until first shipment

Weeks Until Full Shipments

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