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Inbound Logistics Advance Medical Manufacturing

When lives depend on timely product flow, this medical device manufacturer utilizes an experienced 3PL service provider to deliver efficiently and effectively.

Key Challenge

With this stop-and-start workflow, a daily scenario of as many as 18 rush inbound materials shipments burdened the company with needless service disruption and expense.

This operation stands to lose $34K/hr every time production is stalled.


Three innovations vastly improved operational efficiency and reliability:

1. Kitting Solution

The materials needs of the 12 lines were not uniform. Some production lines required 12 pallets, while others needed 20. To address this, FIDELITONE developed a kitting solution for line-specific material quantities for just-in-time delivery, thereby streamlining material fl ow to the production lines.

2. Custom Box Truck

Furthermore, the inbound materials warehouse at the plant was too small to accommodate full 53′ trailers, yet capacity of a standard 26′ box truck was insufficient to feed the production line. To maximize space utilization, the FIDELITONE team designed a 26′ long x 109″ tall box truck with a barn door and reinforced floors for forklift use that yielded 2X the capacity of a standard box truck. Operating an additional warehouse nearby, FIDELITONE boosted frequency of materials delivery to the plant by a factor of 2.5 and upgraded delivery turnaround to 4 hours or less.

3. Raising the Bar for Carriers

This client was being taxed with routinely damaged shipments. FIDELITONE raised the bar and began tracking carrier performance through a customized quality scorecard. Only high-performing, cost-effective carriers remained on board. FIDELITONE also evaluated third-party carrier lanes to reduce overall waste of empty or unutilized trucks, saving the client $78K/year in cartage costs. Materials from nearly 20 suppliers now arrive at the FIDELITONE materials warehouse reliably fi t and ready for use.


This right-fit solution of ongoing material supplies required by each unique production line now advances a steady workflow. Rush materials orders have become the exception rather than the norm, saving the operation >$100K annually in excess transportation costs, too. Advances in service levels now go hand-in-hand with major cost reductions for this FIDELITONE client. Surgeons have the crucial tools they need in the right place at the right time. Streamlined product flow translates into a high-performing production line, optimized financials, and enviable customer trust.

The client has further advanced customer trust through an additional FIDELITONE solution: A new international direct ship (ship to freight) solution bypasses the distribution center and has reaped a $312K annual savings in transportation expenses. Demonstrating the true meaning of “earning customers’ loyalty,” FIDELITONE has already processed >2 million orders for the clients’ customers—100% damage-free, with 100% order accuracy.

Reduction In Damaged Inbound Shipments

Annual Transportation Cost Savings

Reduction In Rush Orders

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