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In-home Repair Success Story

Unavoidable furniture damage creates an opportunity for this retailer to regain revenue and create a positive customer experience.

Key Challenge

The retailer needed a way to reduce the cost of damages and maintain high customer satisfaction and positive customer experiences. Damage to furniture added up: the costs of product replacement, transportation, and re-delivery. Additionally, furniture damage created a poor customer experience and led to declining customer retention and lost sales. In one market, the retailer received 780 annual repair requests. They began working with a third-party furniture repair service to reduce customer returns, but this solution required in-house management and financial resources, which was not cost effective.


The company partnered with FIDELITONE to provide in-home furniture repair services. With FIDELITONE’s resources, knowledge, and experience providing a high level of service for home delivery, handling the furniture repair operations was a natural extension of the last mile delivery services. FIDELITONE leveraged its customer experience team, who already had an intimate knowledge of the client’s business, delivery technology, and repair technician network, to provide superior service. FIDELITONE receives repair requests from the client on behalf of their customer or from a FIDELITONE delivery hub, then quickly creates a repair order and schedules the in-home repair appointment with a furniture repair technician. After this, both the customer and the client are notified of the repair appointment date and time. Once the repair is completed, FIDELITONE provides the client with a detailed service summary.


The company has successfully reduced its costs related to damaged furniture by nearly $500K annually, all while maintaining customer satisfaction and preventing lost sales. With the help of FIDELITONE, this retailer transformed a potentially negative customer experience from a damaged product into a positive one, as customers are able to keep and use the product in their home while waiting for repair. Furthermore, the company does not have to allocate time, resources, and personnel to building and managing an in-house furniture repair operation. All told, the retailer retained more than $1.8 million in revenue annually. Outsourcing the in-home repair services to FIDELITONE has proved to be a sustainable and scalable solution: this service can be rolled out to all markets in which the client operates, leading to overall cost savings of nearly 1.6% of annual company revenue.

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Reduction In Damage Related Costs

Annual Retained Revenue
(in just one delivery market)

Percent of Annual Revenue in Cost Savings

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