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Crafting A Superior Last Mile Delivery Experience

A friendly, flawless last mile delivery experience is a win-win where both manufacturer and customers have cause to celebrate.

Key Challenge

Reputation and customer loyalty were at stake. This manufacturer found itself with disgruntled customers who were frustrated throughout the delivery process and wondering, “Why did I order from this company?” Some were canceling orders.

Annual deliveries of 15,000 units, heavy goods (up to 300 lbs.), complex assembly and installation, and high-value goods called for so much more than a transport service.


Time to pull out the white gloves and craft an inspiring customer experience: The manufacturer selected FIDELITONE as an expert partner who could implement a white-glove, in-home delivery solution tailored to the brand’s products and customers’ expectations.

The FIDELITONE team delved into SOPs for product assembly and confi guration. Then they developed a robust training program, supported with training videos for delivery teams so they could execute the process effi ciently and fl awlessly.

Fit and Fast

The focus was making everything happen faster to align with customers’ expectations while saving costs. Supported by FIDELITONE processes and technology, inventory management and delivery scheduling took a new turn. Products dispatch from the warehouse 3 days faster as they are promptly scheduled for white glove delivery. Full visibility into the delivery process is available in real time through the private FIDELITONE partner portal, and customer communications create a new level of courtesy and convenience.

Inventory is turning faster, generating space efficiency, and inventory obsolescence has dropped. Freight optimization through expertly-planned processes reduces costs, too.


Through new-found effi ciencies and capabilities, FIDELITONE teams routinely offer assembly services to customers who did not originally order them. This upselling process has led to a jump from 20% to 35% of customers ordering assembly.

As the company builds loyalty, reputation, repeat business, and word-of-mouth referrals have risen. With a reliable last mile delivery partner committed to its success, this manufacturer can confidently scale up sales in a sustainable fashion.


A superior delivery experience with little to no additional cost is allowing the manufacturer to develop new strategic business plans—including adding new markets and launching dedicated solutions in various markets. Together, the teams are also evaluating a forward stocking program to further advance service and optimize costs.

Time from product arrival to the facility until home delivery was reduced from 7 days to 4 days, so customers could begin enjoy their purchases sooner. Set-up time in the home dropped from 90 minutes to 60 minutes—with five-star success rates. Customer satisfaction is soaring, as the company now enjoys the customer loyalty that drives business.

Increase In Assembly Service Level Orders

Minute Reduction In In-home Set-up Time

Day Reduction In Delivery Wait Time

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