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Consumer Electronics

Founded as a manufacturer and distributor of phonograph needles, FIDELITONE got its start in the electronics industry in 1929, and has been a hands-on leader ever since. We fully understand the fast-paced dynamics of your business. We provide you with custom supply chain solutions you can depend on to ensure unparalleled customer service, streamlined efficiencies, and continuous improvement.

We offer turnkey service parts management tailored to meet the unique needs of the consumer electronics industry that can help you:

  • Optimize inventory forecasting and minimize inventory obsolescence
  • Boost inventory turns and reduce inventory carrying costs
  • Provide robust access to service parts
  • Implement a virtual returns system to control inventory costs
  • Enhance your first time repair rates
  • Reduce down time for customers and increase customer satisfaction
  • Reduce warehousing and labor costs

Applying analytics and refined methodologies, we deliver service level improvements hand-in-hand with enhanced profitability. In the end, not only do your customers win, but so does your bottom line.

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