FIDELITONE, a supply chain management firm, helps you earn your customers’ loyalty through specialized services in last mile delivery, inbound materials management, order fulfillment, service parts management, and transportation.

We manage resources, create right-fit solutions and optimize supply chain processes to advance your business performance and profitability. At every step and in every service, FIDELITONE employees focus on the touchpoints that safeguard your brand and keep your customers coming back.

Last Mile Delivery

We cultivate the crucial connection between you and your customers with cost-effective and on-time delivery to the home or business.

Inbound Materials Management

We know the stakes are high, and we keep your manufacturing operation running with the right materials in the right place at the right time.

Order Fulfillment

Speedy, accurate order fulfillment can make or break your customer relationships. We take your brand promise to heart and deliver on your customers' expectations.

Service Parts Management

We tackle your service parts needs with a relentless sense of urgency and a focus on keeping your customers satisfied. Our robust solutions for inventory management, procurement, fulfillment improve your service parts performance and your bottom line.


We factor your business model into carrier selection and orchestrate your shipments with care. We get the right cargo to your customers in perfect condition.

Earning Customer Loyalty

"FIDELITONE helped us do in 90 days what we couldn't have done in a year."