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D2C or B2B

Getting fulfillment right in a multi-channel world takes operational excellence, flexibility and timeliness. Orders can come from anywhere, at any time, and be shipped anywhere. Regardless of sales channel, direct to consumer or business to business, FIDELITONE has the experience and ability to make sure that orders arrive at the right place at the right time. Rising levels of returns, if not handled efficiently, can become a logistical and balance sheet nightmare.

Whether it’s ecommerce, retail, omni-channel or direct selling fulfillment, our easy-to-integrate and cost-effective solutions help you earn customer loyalty.

Learn more about omni-channel fulfillment, D2C fulfillment and B2B fulfillment. See our nationwide fulfillment locations and how our technology creates efficiencies.

You Benefit From

Improved service

On-time fulfillment

Improved order accuracy

Real-time visibility

Exceptional customer experiences

Proven process for delivering the outcomes that our clients desire.

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Order Fulfillment

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“We were impressed with how smoothly the move and the IT integration went. As we have grown, the FIDELITONE team has always been responsive to everything we need."

Retail Gift Corporation

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