What to Know Before You Go: DSA Top 5 Tips

 What to Know Before You Go: DSA Top 5 Tips

On our agenda in June is the DSA Annual Meeting 2018. It takes place from June 17-19 in San Diego. Any excuse to travel to California, right? We’re totally kidding! The Direct Selling Association is the national association for companies that manufacture and distribute goods and services sold directly to consumers. Many of our clients fall under this category and the conference is a great opportunity for learning and networking.

The FIDELITONE team attends countless conferences and tradeshows during the year. We previously wrote a blog post with Tips to Get the Most Out of Home Delivery World. This blog post got such an overwhelmingly positive response that we wanted to write another one along the same lines. Wondering which sessions or events to attend at DSA? Our team of conference-attending experts share what to know before you go.

1. Take full advantage of the networking events

DSA draws in major players in the industry. We’ve found that the best way to connect with speakers and conference attendees is by attending the networking events. Those who show up at these events are already open to connecting which makes the process simple. Grab breakfast at the Networking Roundtables on Monday and join in on a topic of interest.

2. Attend a workshop to learn more about storytelling

Storytelling and social selling seem to be major themes at DSA this year. There’s more competition out there than ever before. Storytelling is what will set your brand apart. We’re looking forward to attending “The Social Selling Revolution” workshop.

3. Don’t miss out on the keynote speakers

There are lots of great sessions to attend this year. Make sure to look through the agenda and plan out your schedule in advance. If you can only attend one session, we recommend the first keynote - Disruption: Creating an Adaptable Culture with Jeremy Gutsche. From the website: Jeremy Gutsche inspires others to “disrupt or be disrupted,” with revolutionary ideas and strategies for cultivating a culture of action, change, creativity, innovation and reinvention.

4. Check out the trade show exhibitors - there are so many great ones at this show, including yours truly!

Meeting with exhibitors is a good way to learn about the latest innovations and trends in logistics. We would love to connect with you and discuss your order fulfillment needs. Meet us at booth #906.

5. Don’t forget to enjoy some great food!

Arriving early or extending your stay after the conference, enjoy a quaint boutique restaurant within walking distance of the convention center. Cafe Chloe offers gourmet coffee and classic french cuisine, in an intimate setting - perfect for the quiet diner.

For an authentic San Diego experience, check out Neighbourhood, which boasts a great menu and even better vibe.

Looking to enjoy the local seafood scene? Ironside is worth the walk (from the convention center) and the wait (reservations recommended). While you’re there, check out Little Italy, one of San Diego’s most popular destinations.

Are you attending DSA Annual Meeting this month? Let's connect!

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