FIDELITONE Showcases Last Mile Delivery Self-Service Integrations

 FIDELITONE Showcases Last Mile Delivery Self-Service Integrations

A nationwide leader in order fulfillment, inbound logistics, and last mile delivery, FIDELITONE announced a customer-centric self-scheduling and tracking technology integration to improve satisfaction throughout the delivery experience. The integration has already cut average time-to-schedule by multiple days, ensuring customers receive orders faster.

“Self-service technology is a great complement to our last mile delivery services,” says Joe Giglio, FIDELITONE’s Chief Marketing Officer. “Our clients can now integrate our high-touch delivery services with self-service technology solutions.” 

Customer convenience is at the core of FIDELITONE’s self-service technology. Featuring timely SMS or email notifications and a modern web interface for delivery self-scheduling and real-time order tracking, the self-service integration eliminates common customer frustrations from the delivery experience. 

Self-service and tracking capabilities improve the customer delivery experience by providing user-friendly scheduling and more accurate delivery windows. Together, the technology integrations allow FIDELITONE clients to put customers in control and earn customer loyalty.

“Customers today don’t want to be left wondering, ‘Where’s my order?’” says Giglio. “Our self-service technology helps omni-channel and big and bulky shippers keep customers in control from end to end.”

FIDELITONE is an industry leader in high-touch customer service in last mile delivery. With more than 30 strategically located last mile delivery hubs nationwide, FIDELITONE inspects, delivers, and assembles thousands of orders per day. At each step of the delivery process, FIDELITONE devotes its robust customer service capabilities to complete customer satisfaction.

“Self-scheduling and delivery tracking technology plays a key role in creating a positive delivery experience for every customer,” says Lori Hader, FIDELITONE’s Chief Customer Experience Officer. “By putting control in the hands of the customer, we’re able to spend more time attending to customer needs. That makes a high-touch customer experience possible for everyone and earns customer loyalty for our clients.”

FIDELITONE’s delivery self-service integrations are available now. To learn how delivery self-service can help your business, visit FIDELITONE’s website, contact FIDELITONE online, or call 800.475.0917.


FIDELITONE is a supply chain management firm specialized in order fulfillment, last mile delivery, inbound logistics, and service parts management. For more than 90 years, FIDELITONE has led the industry in customer-centric supply chain solutions, earning customer loyalty for its clients with high-touch service. For more information, contact us online.

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