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Accurate Inventory Management and Parts Tracking

 Accurate Inventory Management and Parts Tracking

Product repair times were suffering and repair technicians were losing time to a familiar challenge: finding the right part for the job in an industry where accuracy and efficiency drive customer loyalty. The company had plans to expand its repair center capacity—more brands, more models, and more locations.

With hundreds of thousands of repairs annually and a large array of SKUs, a typical search for service parts began with printed parts catalogs or generic web searches. With so many options, narrowing down the exact match was like finding a needle in a haystack. Parts searches were a free-for-all and technicians were left to sift through a myriad of sketchy sources. Parts mismatches and repair delays were not uncommon.

FIDELITONE stepped in to help this home improvement retailer implement a web-based parts finder system to display all manufacturer brands, models, and parts available to the service organization in a single interface. The search time for parts decreased and repair productivity increased, resulting in significant cost savings for the client.

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Download the full inventory management and parts tracking case study to see how FIDELITONE increased productivity, reduced repair times, and delivered customer satisfaction for this retailer.

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