How to Create a National Order Fulfillment Network

Looking for some guidance on how to build a national order fulfillment network? Well, Chicago is an optimized, central location. (See Where Should You Locate Your Order Fulfillment Center?) Expanding beyond a single fulfillment center? What’s your next play?  

Chicago, IL + Reno, NC + Elizabethton, TN Fulfillment

Supply Chain Dive cites “fast and free” as the “magic words for consumers”, noting that Walmart and Target are both expanding their 2-day shipping capabilities in time for the holidays.

The challenge is to make the fast-paced shipping experience seamless on your operation’s bottom-line. Explains Internet Retailer, “Retailers are constantly trying to squeeze time and costs from the fulfillment and delivery process.” 

Joining Chicago, Reno, and Elizabethton helps you tackle the challenge of achieving two-day delivery, which has become the norm.  

How are your order fulfillment KPIs?

The customer experience counts. Your business and your brand can take a big hit from order fulfillment errors, according to a recent article in Forbes. Author Zev Herman points to the importance of developing and managing processes. This is where the expertise of an experienced partner can help you stay on track.  Explore your order fulfillment performance in the FIDELITONE Order Fulfillment Check-up

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Learn more about what FIDELITONE offers you in order fulfillment services in Chicago, Reno, and Elizabethton. We can help you earn customer loyalty. Contact us today!

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10/21/2016 5:00:00 PM
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