Service Parts Fulfillment

Obtain new levels of value and efficiency in service parts management with value-added warehousing solutions from FIDELITONE. Turnkey solutions supported by leading-edge technologies adapt to your supply chain needs to improve your service models and reduce your costs. 

Services available through value-added warehousing include:

  • Pick, pack and ship – Picking products from inventory, packing, and sending to your customer
  • Kitting – preassembly of individual items into kits
  • De-kitting – breaking down finished goods to the component level to ship as repair/replacement part
  • Tackle box assembly and restocking to generate new efficiencies in your workflows
  • Bag & Tag - custom bagging and labeling to customer specifications

A full complement of specialized services to fit your needs. Learn more about FIDELITONE’s value-added warehousing capabilities.

When you partner with FIDELITONE for your value-added warehousing solution, you gain access to extensive experience and forward-thinking answers to your business needs. How can we help you optimize your service parts supply chain with a right-fit warehousing solution?

Contact the service parts management experts at FIDELITONE online today or call: 800.475.0917.

Case Study


Right sized inventory levels minimize operating expenses resulting in a 23% reduction in overnight shipping.

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