Parts Forecasting & Inventory Control


Parts Forecasting for Inventory Control

The secret to effective inventory planning in service parts businesses is inventory control. By getting a handle on the natural demand for your customer base, you can take hold of it.

Forecasting for service parts is not the same as forecasting for production schedules. If you are applying the same technique to both, you might be buying too much parts inventory or too much or the wrong inventory and not enough of the inventory you should. For your company, that can translate into overspending and increased exposure to obsolescence.

As a forecasting service, skilled FIDELITONE experts regularly review and analyze your data to identify any buys that might require adjustment prior to issuing the purchase order.

Comprehensive Database

FIDELITONE's back-end database systems can strengthen your service parts management. Our comprehensive, well-maintained item database of 12.4 million SKUs, including schematics, can help you ensure selection of exactly the right service repair part to serve your customer' needs.

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Case Study


In-house service organization for national home improvement retailer improves first-time repair rate to over 90% and reduces inventory by 37%.

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