Ready to Run – Delivery and Installation of Multi-functional Copier Equipment

The Problem

The installation of new equipment and the removal of old equipment in the document technology management and services industry were cumbersome for both the businesses receiving new equipment as well as the suppliers. Third-party carriers were able to deliver equipment to customer sites, but once on-site, an installer from the supplier had to assemble and install the equipment. After the installation, the carrier usually was required to make a second trip to the installation site to remove the old equipment. This process proved to be lengthy and tedious for all parties involved.

The Solution

This multi-functional copier equipment manufacturer was first in the industry to introduce the "Ready to Run" solution which involves the training of the carrier's drivers to assemble, power up, and provide a brief demonstration to the customer while enabling the removal of used equipment for customers. The program saved the copier equipment manufacturer the lost time and expense of sending a service representative to complete installs, ultimately resulting in higher customer satisfaction.

As a carrier network partner, last mile delivery provider FIDELITONE, has participated in the "Ready to Run" training designed and delivered by the copier equipment manufacturer. Successful completion of this training at all of FIDELITONE's branch locations enabled its fleet of drivers to install new copier equipment and remove old equipment on the same day as delivery - resulting in the copier equipment manufacturer's customers being able to do business faster with less disruption.

Creative solutions are one way the copier manufacturer and their carrier network differentiate themselves from their competition. A recent example that demonstrates this creativity is the delivery and installation of a commercial printer to a downtown Chicago office. Working together, the copier equipment manufacturer and FIDELITONE managed to move the 24-foot long, six-foot high, four-foot wide commercial printer out the second-floor window of its current location and deliver it to its downtown Chicago building. In preparation, the elevator at the century-old building was stripped and reinforced, and the commercial printer was secured during transport before finally being delivered to the 55th floor. Once delivered, the commercial printer was assembled and enabled for service to complete the install thanks to the teamwork provided by the copier equipment manufacturer and FIDELITONE.


Thanks to the "Ready to Run" program, the copier equipment manufacturer and FIDELITONE reduced installation and set up times, minimize business interruption, and drive high customer service scores.

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