A Supply Chain Management Firm

FIDELITONE helps you earn customers' loyalty through specialized services in last mile delivery, inbound materials management, order fulfillment, service parts management and transportation.

Our Proven Process

At every step and in every service, FIDELITONE employees focus on the touchpoints that safeguard your brand and keep your customers coming back. 

Our Commitment

We pledge to deliver exceptional experiences to you and your customers, every time. If changes occur, we will adapt. If issues arise, we will resolve them. Your confidence and complete satisfaction is our goal.

Core Values

Our values are deeply rooted in our company culture and drive everything we do.


Every decision we make must serve the best interests of our clients. Does it make them happy? Are we helping them build loyalty with their customer? Are we delivering value?


We do what we say we'll do. We relentlessly strive to deliver on our mission by achieving excellence in all areas.


We engage in open and ongoing communication with our clients, suppliers and employees. We work together to uncover critical needs and pain points, solve problems and reach optimal outcomes.


We seek to understand the 'why' of what we do and question the status quo to drive continuous improvement in all areas of logistics and the supply chain.

To learn more about our supply chain management services, contact FIDELITONE online or call us at 800.475.0917.

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